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six degrees of separation (well only five, but ya know…)

I was just thinking about how we humans are interconnected…and the title popped up into my head.  Fandango started me on this mind travel this time….he posted about reading the bag lady’s post which was from another post from another post…and I thought we all are connected to each other somehow. Through our blogs, our families, jobs, past-times.

I liked the answers he gave to the posed questions in Cheryl’s blog, and thought I want to answer them too.

So thanks to:



ocean bream  and

Diana Peach 

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Share Your World, Sept 11, 2017

Cee Neuner’s Share Your World is an ongoing challenge that I absolutely adore! There has never been a week go by that I did not look forward to this challenge.  Try joining in yourself, and you too shall look forward to Mondays with as much joy as I do!

share your world challenge

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a surprisingly sunshiny day!

What a wonderful surprise after such a crappy weekend! Cyranny of the Frozenland Cove nominated me (with some rather illustrious blogs) for the Sunshine Blogger Award! What is so totally cool about the whole thing (besides it came from Frozenland) is that I follow everyone on the list of nominees except one, and now I have a new person to stalk thanks to my good buddy, Cyr! YEA!!!

sunshine blogger

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Cee’s Share Your world, June 19, 2017

share your world challenge

Monday, Monday……

Couldn’t help myself. Every Monday I start singing this song, so it is only right ya’ll should have it stuck in YOUR heads as well! Mondays mean Cee’s Share your world challenge and her questions.  Here we go again! Her questions are in a gorgeous color…my answers are just…well…there actually. Continue reading

rude questions anyone?

Once again Momma has asked those annoying awful questions in her blog. She did this a year ago and I have been forever after waiting for her to do it again. Since I have met the age where “one can say anything and get away with it” I feel it is time to respond.

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50 questions I swiped from GeorgieMoon!

 I was floating through my reader this morning, reading random posts of the blogs that I follow and came across georgiemoon‘s post. She had a fifty questions posting (that she had borrowed from Netdancer ).  Since there was a “theft” precedent firmly in place I stole the same questions from Georgie and thought I’d answer them! Yes, I steal questions…but only when it is permissible to do so. You are free to steal them from me as well!

Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? I would if I had them. Doors that is. I have one closet in the bedroom and there is a beaded curtain hiding everything held within. It is a single panel sheer so I suppose I could call it “closed”.

Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel? Yes, of course. doesn’t everyone? I have a collection of tiny bottles and jars, soaps and packets from israel, Egypt, Mexico, Guatemala and Ukraine as well as various hotel’s in the States. They come in handy when camping or traveling.

Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out? Well…..they are tucked in at the base or foot of the bed so they don’t fall off onto the floor. I can not bear for them to be tucked on the sides….I have to be able to move or I panic.

Have you ever stolen a street sign before? No. What a horrid thing to do. I once was a participant in (of all things) a Church youth group’s scavenger hunt that listed a street sign. I wouldn’t take one and “lost” the hunt. It just felt so wrong to have to steal something for a church group!

Do you like to use post-it notes? Can not stand the things! I had to use them at a former job instead of a notebook for messages and the blasted things never stayed where I put them. I’d have to go around the office picking up the blasted things every day.

What is your biggest pet peeve? inconsiderate and/or vulgar parents of small noisy, exhausted, frustrated and LOUD children.


Do you ever count your steps when you walk? Nope. Never even thought of doing so.

Is it okay for guys to wear pink as a colour? Well of course it is. Why wouldn’t a man wear pink. Men actually look better in pink than women do IMO.

Whats your least favorite movie? Hannah and Her Sisters  I HATE Woody Allen movies and I hate this one the most. It is total drivel and a complete waste of film. I know it supposedly a terrific film; it did, after all, win many awards for cinematography, score, actors, etc etc etc…but it was dreck all the same.

What do you drink with dinner?  Iced tea or water. Sometimes a soda pop if one is available and I am in the mood.

What is your favorite food? How does one choose just one favorite? In which category? favorite veg is brussel sprouts. Fav meat is pork. favorite fruit is pineapple. Fav style of cooking is chinese followed by anything at all Arabic (mediterranean) followed by a barbeque sandwich. Fav dessert is cheesecake..a real New York Cheesecake.

What movie could you watch over and over and still love?  The best exotic marigold hotel. 

Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?  Are you insane? Who in their right minds would want to see a wrinkly old lady without clothing covering all the saggy bits? ICK!

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?  yesterday. I write letters all the time.
Favourite kind of sandwich? Pork barbeque, shredded with sauce, onions and about 400 napkins to clean up afterwards.

Best thing to eat for breakfast? Nothing. But since I am required to eat at an ungodly hour of the day in order to avoid the consequences of medication taken on an empty stomach…grits, a single egg, scrambled, one strip of crisp bacon and a half slice of 7 grain toast.

What is your usual bedtime? 11 pm if I am very lucky

Are you lazy? yes, of course I am. I am blogging right now instead of washing up the breakfast dishes.

How many languages can you speak? fluently?  one. enough to find a bathroom or a taxi?  four they would be in order of understanding: English, Aramaic, Spanish and Portuguese. I read and write Latin and (some) Greek but can not speak them.

Do you sing in the shower? heck no. 

Is Christmas stressful? not anymore.

Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid? astronaut, ballet dancer, archeologist

Do you believe in ghosts? I do now since I moved into a cottage that has one.

Wear slippers? only when I absolutely have to do so.

Ever been in love? I am still in love.

Who would you like to see in concert? The Manhattan Transfer. again.

Hot tea or cold tea?  BOTH!!!

Tea or coffee?  Tea. although I do drink one cup of coffee every single morning. And I drink coffee constantly when in Egypt…of course I also drink mint tea constantly when in Egypt.

Ever had plastic surgery? I wish. I’d get liposuction so I could be svelte again..and a facelift to rid myself of these wrinkles. BUT ONLY if it can all be done free of charge and without any surgery.
Do you want to get married?  Am and have been for almost 40 years.
Do you want kids? I had three of them, two survive. Never again.
What’s your favorite color? turquoise…or coral..or lime green…or bright sunny yellow…or hot pink…I guess I don’t have just one.

Do you miss anyone right now? I miss my children. I miss my baby sister, Anne. They are all living so far away.

Things you cannot leave the house without? my camera, my swiss army knife, a multiple head screw driver, my identification card.

Do you drink energy drinks? Oh heck NO. Those are not at all healthy and I seriously wish they’d be taken off the market.

Do you drink juice? rarely. I have a pre-diabetic condition and it raises my blood sugar far too high and far too quickly.

Do you eat fries with a fork? not regular fries, no. Yes to chili-cheese fries.

Any phobias? yes……..

What is your middle name? Lamar. 

What was favorite subject at school? When I was younger, it was History. Then in college it was Mathematics.

What is your favorite drink? Peach iced tea

What is your favorite song at the moment? Adagio for strings by Samuel Barber

What is the last thing you bought?  cat food

How many siblings do you have? That I still count as siblings? that would be one…a sister..for real? well that would be more than one.

When was the last time you cried? yesterday

Favourite TV shows? Sherlock

    Doc Martin      The Great British Baking Show  Dr Who   NCIS  I just realised I only watch one show that is American.
PC or Mac?  PC

What phone do you have?  an ancient flip phone. it does absolutely nothing except make or receive calls.

How tall are you? I was 5’7″ but after two spinal discs decided to implode I am now 5″4 3/4″

Can you cook? I am an excellent cook. I can not only cook all the old American comfort foods, but can cook Chinese, French, Mediterranean and German foods as well. I bake my own bread, make pizza from scratch, and bake. I don’t do pastries.

I hoped you enjoyed reading these things about me!   I’d love to read your answers!




Discover Challenge: Tough Questions

via Discover Challenge: Tough Questions

The most difficult question I have ever faced was asked by my (then) five year old son.  He asked “Why does Grandma hate you mommy?”

She had just finished castigating me for yet another amorphous sin and my son had heard her entire diatribe.

How to explain to a five year old that Grandma hates anyone that doesn’t bow down before her in all her supposed glory? As her eldest daughter I came under attack far more frequently than my siblings, and I was now close to being indifferent.

But when asked why by my child I realized just how sick it was for me to do nothing while being attacked. What kind of message had I inadvertently given to my child?  I felt shame..for taking it..for implying that this kind of behavior was normal when it was obvious even to a small child just how wrong it was.

I remember just looking at him with tears rolling down my face saying “honey, she doesn’t really hate me. She just doesn’t like herself and she yells to feel better. It’s wrong”.

My mother had been listening to our discussion unbeknownst to me and came rushing back into the room yelling “oh yes, I do. I hate you Suzan. You are a miserable horrible excuse for a child and I wish you’d never been born“.

I took my children and moved out that very afternoon. Being homeless again was preferable to living with my Mother’s behaviors. My son never asked about his grandmother again, and I spent years trying to mitigate the emotional damage. but I never did find the words to answer his original question of “Why does Grandma hate you Mommy?”