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NanoPoblano, day 17


Day 17 of the month long challenge. I had the weirdest dream early this morning. I tend to have some pretty odd dreams, but this one just seemed so ridiculous, even to my sleeping self, that I woke up yelling “Oh, come on, that’s stupid!”.  The cat wasn’t impreased by my yelling and lurching upright awakening…he yowled and shot off the end of the bed as if it were on fire.

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NanoPoblano, day 12

How many days are in November anyway?  I need a calendar.  I keep saying the silly 30 days has September thing from childhood, but since childhood was an eon ago I can’t remember where November goes, or how many days in July. It is almost the 12th, and I am ridiculously awake in the middle of night…so i figured I’d blog a post and get ahead of myself for a change.  Except………… Continue reading

NanoPoblano, day 10

I was asked yesterday, “what’s your theme for that chili pepper blog thing?”  THEME?  I don’t have a theme. I am just babbling about whatever whenever I feel like babbling.  Can babbling be a theme?

Check out Rarasaur’s pages for the blog information. I doubt she said a single word about themes for this challenge.

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nanoPoblano, day 9

Yesterday was horrible! My blog was down (gee, server-girl forgot to pay the bill) and I discovered I could use my phone (I still don’t know why the puter didn’t work) to access the wp site so i posted a sort of post but not really a post, except it posted so i suppose it was a real post after all. I am still in blogger Hell because I am unsure if this post will post like the last post didn’t post.

If I post about posting does it really count as a post? Or is it simple postal?

I did manage to clean the kitchen until it sparkled…and I got all the mending done..the closets cleared out of stuff I refuse to wear ever again, and vacuumed and dusted to within an 1/8th of an inch of transparency………………but I couldn’t blog.

Now, my brain is in cleaning mode and not posting mode and I have a feeling it shows.

Maybe I should post a post later when the brain actually connects to an active neuron………….or I could just continue to babble until something smart sounding falls out. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen though.

NanoPoblano, day 7



Day three again? or possibly day 24 of some other blog challenge?  Nah, the challenge is to write a NEW post every day (which I already try to do) and just go for it….so, without further ado………….what IS further ado anyway?

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NanoPoblano, day 6


If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that you even tried!

That could have been my motto for years when I was younger.

I was the kid that my parents thought would “never make anything of myself”…the one that “was sensible, too bad about her looks”…the one that would forever and always would be a “liar” because I told a lie at age six.

There was no pleasing my family, so every time I tried (and failed) to impress, I hid the effort.

It seemed like the intelligent thing to do at the time.

It took years, but eventually I did learn that it really doesn’t matter what any of my family think about me. It matters what I think about me.

Life has been so much nicer since I came to that conclusion.


Keep your mouth shut. It is harder to find a foot in it that way.

I used to say things and regret them almost immediately.  I’d be rude and spiteful when someone inadvertently hurt my feelings.

I was known for my sarcasm and snark…and I was also known as a “Bitch”.  I had few friends…I also had far fewer people hurting me emotionally.

Now, I speak what I think…I just try to be a little more diplomatic about the endeavor. I realized that I am the only one in charge of my emotions…no one can “make me’ feel a certain way.

I leave out comments about the speaker, and just speak to the statements.

I discovered people will actually LISTEN when one speaks that way. I can still be sarcastic in an ironic way, but try not to be personal about it when I do.

People LISTEN more when you aren’t attacking them, but an idea instead.

I win far more arguments this way.





NanoPoblano, Day 5


Day five of the peppery challenge AKA NanoPoblano, brought to us by the happiest cheerpepper of them all, Rarasaur!

I love challenges. I don’t like playing by their rules, but I love writing them, thinking about them or completing them. This one caught my eye because of the oddball name. I LOVE oddball names!

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