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Wednesday Music: Tchaikovsky

Thank you Fluent Historian for this challenge.

When I began piano lessons I was introduced to the classical composers.  My teacher would give out tiny busts of the composers whenever a student mastered a piece by that composer. 

I had a few busts: Bach, JS Bach, Brahms…even Dvorak…but I couldn’t seem to master any of Tchaikovsy’s work for that really cool looking bust! It about drove me crazy for a good six months.  I concede that most of my problem was my utter inability to read the music.

I am dyslexic…I think I have made that statement a few times..but with music my mind simply could not find a way to read the notes on the bass clef. When I tried to play what my mind was interpreting things sounded really wonky.  I was a player by ear instead. if I heard something a few times I could generally pick it out with a bit of practice.

Tchaikovsky though….it is incredibly complex music.  beautiful to hear, not so much when playing by ear.

This is the ONLY piece I was ever able to play with any sort of mastery.  it took a good nine months or so to learn it, but the playing of this piece got me that coveted bust! Imagine playing this on ONE piano! It is almost too complex for a duet.

Anticipating nothing to say about anticipate

Well………I anticipate that I will have next to nothing to talk about when it comes to anticipation. Honestly, the only thing that comes to mind is an old Carole King song…or was it Carley Simon?

It was one of the two…pretty sure it was Carole King though. Drat, now I have to go search for it.

And I was wrong!  Carley Simon wrote and performed Anticipation.

I really should have remembered that. I sang Anticipation for my college music scholarship audition.  Well, that and Gloria in Excelsis.

Well, in complete honesty, I also sang I Don’t Know How To Love Him from Jesus Christ Superstar

Well, Probably not as well as Miss Brightman sings it, but I did well enough that two semesters were paid for by someone other than me!

I guess I had something to say about anticipate after all.


The grand illusion

The Grand Illusion. 

I wonder why songs are the first thing one thinks of when seeing particular words?  This song instantly popped up in my brain when I saw the Daily Prompt this morning.

Is it the melody?  or the words that make songs so unforgettable? is it the life one was leading the first time a song is heard?

What do you think?


5 day music challenge: day 5

Okay, here it is. The last post on the five day music challenge.

There were rules. I dropped them a day or so back when I forgot where I left the rules in the editor thingy. I suppose I should go find them again and actually attempt to follow rules.

The rules

    Post a different song quote for five consecutive days.

   Post what the song quote means to you (optional).

   Post the song that the quote is from.

    Nominate two different bloggers every day of the challenge.

I KNEW I had them somewhere!  Okay, so I followed them the first day, sort of followed them the second, then just ignored them willy-nilly until today.  Maybe I will surprise even ME and do it correctly on this final day…then again… Continue reading

5 day music challenge: day 3

I woke up this morning with a song floating through my mind that I haven’t thought about in almost 40 years. I don’t know why it popped up, I only know I can’t get it out of my head now.

Back in high school, we had the young women try out for and ultimately perform for the entire school to vote on “Miss Lee”. Robert E Lee High School, Springfield, Virginia had a proud history of sending young women off to the Miss Virginia pageants and the Miss Lee Pageant was the way they determined who among us all would represent the school.

Jenny sang a song from  a play in which she performed, Barbara twirled her baton to rousing Band music, Patty tap danced, Jenna did magic tricks and I did a “modern dance” to this song. I didn’t win but came in a respectable 3rd.

Here’s the lyrics that will not escape my brain this morning:

“As sure as I believe there’s a heaven above, Alfie
I know there’s something much more
Something even non-believers can believe in” 

Back then I attended church every week, taught a Sunday School class to the first graders, sang in the choir, volunteered for Vacation Bible School every summer, was in the youth group and was the choir director for the children’s choir. I believed.

Now that doesn’t know I knew exactly WHAT I believed but I was a staunch church-goer and it annoyed me that so many of my friends didn’t attend.

This song spoke to me the summer of my 16th year when I started questioning everything I had been taught.

The song is “Alfie” by Burt Bacharach


I’m not nominating anyone else for this. If you want to join in, please just go ahead and do so.

5 day music challenge, day 2

Five Day Music Challenge: day 2

The rules

    Post a different song quote for five consecutive days.

   Post what the song quote means to you (optional).

   Post the song that the quote is from.

    Nominate two different bloggers every day of the challenge.

Continue reading

5 day Music Challenge, day 1

I was nominated for this totally cool, five day, a song a day challenge by Ms. Popeye (not really..by The Bag Lady)  I’ve been wandering around behind her for a while now and always find something funny, interesting, or intellectual on her site. Go see for yourself if ya don’t believe me! Gosh this is a difficult crowd!

The hard part will be to pick just five songs. Why do these challenges make you choose just a few? Can’t someone come up with a bazillion day song challenge/ That would be easier I would think. Oh well..ours is not to wonder why…. Continue reading

A song brought you back to me

There are some songs that I can listen to and be right back in time to age 15..or 21. There are others that beg me to sing along even though my pretty second soprano voice is now an old ladies wobbly one

George “discovered” Spotify. (actually I downloaded the program onto his computer then taught him how to use it!)For those still in the dark, Spotify is a music downloading site. You can create playlists of your favorite songs and either download them or listen while online.

This afternoon he found Neil Diamond’s old albums on the program and has been playing them ever since. And I saw myself once again, sitting at the high school’s library table, fourth from the back with five young men. These five were my “clic”, my “group”..my pals. There wasn’t anything “romantic” going on. These were the young men I trusted. The ones I could go to with problems, regardless of the nature of them, and get a male’s point of view.

George was one of them.

We’d surreptitiously listen to music on our transistor radios, while Gary Groth kept an eye out for the Librarian. Bill Harrell (the Bump) would make off-color jokes and snicker at the “growth” (Gary of the lookout). Walter Shorter (the tallest young man of our acquaintance) would copy George’s math’s homework answers or argue politics, George Gutridge would stare at me until I smacked him. He rarely said anything.

Once in a blue moon, Patty Hornsby, my best girl friend, would join us and the conversation would shift to both sports and dating.

Bill is a dentist now in our old hometown in Virginia. Patty moved to Germany back in the mid-70’s and no one has heard from her since. Gary Groth became a congressional aide who retired after Senator Warner finally stepped down. Walter became a postman and worked for 30 years before retiring. He had a heart attack five weeks after his last day at work. I lost track of George Gutridge after 9/11. He was living and working in NYC on that day and we still don’t know what happened to him. I married my George.

With each person’s name I automatically think of a specific song. Each and every time.

Bill Harrell (Bill was a bit odd, even for the early 70’s)

Gary Groth 

George Gutridge 

George Hartline 

Patty Hornsby 

Walter Shorter 


Oh, I can hear people saying, “But Suze? What song does everyone associate with you?” Oh, that is easy. The song I sang until people were sick to death of hearing it. The one that got me a music scholarship.