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the egg and I

egg huh?  All I can think of is Mork and Mindy. Mork was Robin Williams first big TV part…it made him “semi-famous”.  His character was an alien from another planet not an alien from Mexico or Brazil….

He came to Earth in an Egg-shaped rocket ship……….

His son was Jonathon Winters….and those two would regularly just make up dialogue as they went along. It made for some truly strange and wonderful comedy television.

Now, I can’t get my mind off of eggs in TV….there was Vincent Price’s character of “egghead’ on the old Batman show.

Vincent Price as Egghead

The only thing I remember about Egghead is that he was the “most intelligent criminal in the World” and he had some wierd weapons made from eggs. He had:

  • Stinking Egg Bomb – A bomb that explodes when tossed to the ground, releasing a nauseous gas that will effectively clear a room.
  • Radar Egg – It becomes activated when placed on the ground. Is sensitive to the slightest vibrations and will explode if disturbed. Oddly, however, the device is only sensitive up to 6 feet.
  • Laughing Gas Egg – It explodes upon impact releasing a quick acting laughing gas.
  • Tear Gas Egg – It is collected from hens that were fed nothing but onions. Explode on impact and cause anyone inhaling the gas to cry uncontrollably.

Oh wow, there’s also an old film that I loved watching when I was young…it was called “the egg and I” and starred Claudette Colbert. I adored her. Yes, she was way before my time. I just have a thing for old movies.

Poor Claudette married a fellow who suddenly decided to purchase a “chicken ranch”..and knew NOTHING about farming, chickens or anything else that was found outside an insurance office. She, being a good wife, went along with his dream and their “adventures” made up the comedy in the movie. I explained it VERY badly, but that was the gist of it all.  Loved it.

Yea…stuff Suze remembers from childhood. This could be a book in and of itself!

Disney Challenge, day 23: Laugh

 A movie that makes me laugh.

By Source, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=29108868

Not many are familiar with this movie. It was made back in the 1950’s and only once on television in the 1970’s according to Disney studios. But I find it funny.

I remember going to a Saturday matinee to see it with a couple of young friends. Our elementary school had a “young people and the arts” matinee every Saturday. The school would host artists, show movies, exhibit paintings and statuary..all in an attempt to enlighten us I am sure.

We loved the movie days. We’d make popcorn and throw it into brown paper sacks and take it with us to munch on during the movie.

I do remember laughing so hard at one scene in this movie that i choked on a piece of popcorn. I remember my friends slapping me HARD on the back in an effort to dislodge the corn. I was so embarrassed.

Regardless. I did laugh a lot at this movie about a college science professor that was trying to invent one thing and got something totally wrong. Flubber I think the substance was called. People did a lot of bouncing around while using it.

It was silly, funny, and all the kids (and adults) laughed like loons.