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Wednesday Music: Tchaikovsky

Thank you Fluent Historian for this challenge.

When I began piano lessons I was introduced to the classical composers.  My teacher would give out tiny busts of the composers whenever a student mastered a piece by that composer. 

I had a few busts: Bach, JS Bach, Brahms…even Dvorak…but I couldn’t seem to master any of Tchaikovsy’s work for that really cool looking bust! It about drove me crazy for a good six months.  I concede that most of my problem was my utter inability to read the music.

I am dyslexic…I think I have made that statement a few times..but with music my mind simply could not find a way to read the notes on the bass clef. When I tried to play what my mind was interpreting things sounded really wonky.  I was a player by ear instead. if I heard something a few times I could generally pick it out with a bit of practice.

Tchaikovsky though….it is incredibly complex music.  beautiful to hear, not so much when playing by ear.

This is the ONLY piece I was ever able to play with any sort of mastery.  it took a good nine months or so to learn it, but the playing of this piece got me that coveted bust! Imagine playing this on ONE piano! It is almost too complex for a duet.

Surreal Suze

I really like the Greek word, hypnagogic, instead of the French Surreal.  It just sounds neat. Not “neat” like un-messy, but “neat” like cool….oh sheesh. Well the cool is meant as wonderful, not some lack of hotness.  And the hotness is temperature, not a manly-man type.  Maybe I should just start over. I seem to be typing in circles.

I stole this picture from houseofclicks.wordpress.com

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Cee’s Share Your World, October 23, 2017

Welcome to this week’s installment of Cee’s Share your world challenge.  You can find links to all of her challenges here.  this is my favorite one of them…with the Fun Foto being my second favorite…probably because I have a bunch of truly oddball pictures with nowhere else to post them.

share your world challenge


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To the stars

I have been writing responses to Suzanne Gunter McClendon’s September challenge.

It has been all about the town where I grew up and has brought long lost memories to the forefront of my mind.

This morning I realized it has been fifty years since I was privileged to see the inner workings of the upcoming launch to the moon.

One of our neighbors was an aeronautical engineer and had been hired by NASA.  Instead of moving to the Houston area, Mr. Edwards simply traveled when it was necessary for work and the rest of the time had an office near the Pentagon.

He was working on a project that my parents believed would be impossible to accomplish.  The lunar module.

He was probably breaking thousands of rules by telling us anything at all, but Mr. Edwards simply couldn’t contain his enthusiasm and would (after a few beers) start drawing what he was doing.

I searched through my dad’s papers this morning that I managed to save and found this………….




Back Where I Come From, Day 26

Thank you so very much, Suzanne Gunter McClendon, for this challenge! Check out Suzanne’s blog here. The challenge is based on a Kenny Chesney song of the same name. While you are over there looking around Suzanne’s place, check the other participants of the challenge and their responses. 

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