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I just wasn’t in the mood

for Christmas.  I’d see the lights George strung up all over the house and think how big a pain they were going to be to take down and store for next year.  I’d see the ingredients for Christmas cakes and fruit cakes in the grocery and think “OH crap, I don’t want to make them this year”.

I’ve seen the glitzy and the cheesy commercials being strewn across the airwaves and think “why is it Christmas time already” or “Can’t we just bypass the whole danged thing this year?”

Then I went to my husband’s employer’s Celebration of Life.

Hospice Circle of Love is the non-profit organization George works for.  He’s a registered nurse that provides services to those at the very ends of their lives…and he loves his job. The people he works with are what my grand daddy always called “the salt of the Earth”////caring, empathetic and professional all at once.

Each year, right before Christmas, COL puts up three gorgeous Christmas trees with brass bell ornaments on them. Each bell is inscribed with the name of a former patient. Their families receive a bell free of charge from the hospice, and people can purchase them with a donation to the organization.

Last year, George and I bought ornament bells for each parent of ours as they have all died.

The night of the celebration of Life, the names of all patients are read aloud.  A chaplin gives a very short sermon (for lack of a better word for it). The Executive Director thanks the family members for allowing their loved ones to be cared for by the organization. It is beautiful in the very simplicity of it all.

A soloist sings a song. This year, a young college soprano sang the same arrangement I sang in college at age 19 for my Christmas concert/midterm.

Of course, I cried.

Some times, all it takes to completely change a thought from negative to positive is a song.  I am so looking forward to Christmas now.

Cee’s Share Your world, June 19, 2017

share your world challenge

Monday, Monday……

Couldn’t help myself. Every Monday I start singing this song, so it is only right ya’ll should have it stuck in YOUR heads as well! Mondays mean Cee’s Share your world challenge and her questions.  Here we go again! Her questions are in a gorgeous color…my answers are just…well…there actually. Continue reading

trace of scent

I was gently swinging on the front porch this morning when I realized there was a scent to the air.  Sweet, floral and delicate all at the same time. It couldn’t have been from my front garden as the Iris have all bloomed and died and the lilies have yet to blossom.  The tulips are long gone, as are the daffodils.  The moss roses not yet open. So what could it be?

I got up, set down my coffee and stepped into the yard. I looked everywhere we had planted bulbs and saw nothing blossoming.  I wandered around to the side of the house and saw this.

Now that shrub has not bloomed once in the three years we have lived here. I didn’t even know it COULD bloom. Turns out this little sucker is an Indian Hawthorne and they are supposed to bloom.  Then I glanced behind it and spotted this thing

That is either a weird spirea or a “physocarpus”.  Either way it didn’t have a scent so the pretty trace of a scent I was searching for came from the first bush. But it was kind of nice to have a scented surprise this morning.

New week, a new beginning: one can only hope…….

Yea..Last week was a bit of a dog. Not that dogs are bad, and my week (while horrible) is finally over and I wouldn’t wish any dog to be over..or done. Oh heck.

Hopefully someone out there actually understands what I am trying to say.

Last week I threw out my back. Now (we can only hope) all the kiddos that read this have no comprehension of what that means, but all the old fossils know and are now groaning in empathy. The older one gets the more things just plain hurt. It isn’t as if we go out of our way to find things to complain of, it’s just that so many things can go so horribly wrong (and do) that we oldsters tend to say the same things over and over again….

I injured myself years ago by crushing a couple of spinal discs..these lovely remains try to remind me just how old I really am about every year or so. They reminded me enough this week that instead of my joyful bounding out of bed saying “thanks God, I am still breathing” it changed to “oh dear God, why are you making me breathe?”

Thankfully, today is a new day and the back is only achy.  You have no bloody idea how wonderful it is to simply moan when getting up off a chair. I feel as if I have conquered the pain.

So, I am still breathing.

I missed an entire week of political mayhem, vain-glorious tweets and smarmy remarks.

And I am still breathing.

And Shay received her new toy in the mail.

And the dogs still adore me.

And my husband did the laundry AND the dishes.

And, yes, I am grateful I am still breathing.

BMU Challenge by Steven Sawyer: introducing another favorite

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Kill them with kindness, day three

So, I left off at day three. The neighbor was starting to look around to make sure I was nowhere nearby whenever he left the house. I figured this was his way of avoiding me being nice to him. Obviously I was doing something right if he was anxious. Maybe he was beginning to rethink his attitude.

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How to survive Life

No, I don’t actually know anything about how to survive life..it just sounded good in my head this morning, so there it is front and center as a title. This blog-o-mine (that sounded like the refrain to an Irish song, didn’t it?) has just been sitting here waiting for me to finish all the stuff that has kept me from it over the past two weeks. Did that make any sense at all? c'est-la-vie

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