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Share your world, week 32: a reblog since Cee’s puter is acting wacky!

Cee has some wonderful challenges. I wish more people would go check her out and see how she makes us think…I am having a wonderful time going through the various challenges! Share your world (my answers are in Black)

If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would you get? Brussel sprouts.  I know it may seem a crazy thing to want but I have completely fallen in love with the veg.  It all started with a recipe I saw on a fellow blogger’s site.. FonduFondue..a lovely young ballerina who shares recipes. She had a very simple recipe for them..a sort of stir fry. It brought them to my attention and I have been tweaking it daily. Adding this, taking out that..and now I have a dozen ways of fixing them that are all equally good. Since I must eat three times as many veg as anything else with every meal (diabetes) it is nice to have one that I absolutely adore.

What is the worst thing you ate recently? Nothing really. I am a good cook and rarely muck up a recipe.  I try not to eat out (too much money spent, can’t control portion size). ..and if eating at a friend’s home the food is always good. My friends are great cooks actually. Now if the question was the “worst thing for me” it would be two helpings of my birthday cake. 

You are comfortable doing nothing? For long stretches of time? I sort of stink at doing nothing.  I start to feel as if I am being lazy, and I can not abide being lazy.  Oh I can sit on the front porch watching the world go by for hours, but that isn’t doing “nothing’ it is recharging my soul for another week. I am not a person that has to be constantly doing “something”…I do tend to get chores done whenever I have the gumption to do so, but I will have a book to read or a project to work on that takes up time.

List of Jobs You Think You Might Enjoy: Even if you aren’t thinking about a career change, it can be fun to think of other jobs you might enjoy.

This is strange to see this now. Just yesterday I was considering applying for a teaching position at one of the middle schools. They are in rather desperate need of Maths teachers and I adore math. I also adore the kids at that age..between 11 and 14.  They are smart enough and educated enough to carry on a conversation and not yet so spoiled by a public education that they are a danger to themselves or others. 

I KNOW I would make a wonderful prosecutor..only problem there is I have zero desire to go through law school. If I could be one without the school, I would do it in a minute.

I’d make a darned good Judge.  Except Judge Judy has the perfect job and I would want hers.

I’d also like to be a jockey. I adore horses and having a job riding them would be marvelous. My back and my arthritis might object but I think it would be worth the pain to be able to ride everyday.

I most want to be a professional traveler..much like the kids on Globe Trotter. What a great life..going to foreign countries and immersing oneself in the culture and history while telling others all about it.  THIS would be my dream job.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

Each week for me is pretty much the same. I am grateful for my friends and family (the one I have created for myself that is). I am grateful that I continue to wake up in the mornings, that I have the energy to do housework..I actually enjoy some of it.  The one thing that most pleased me last week was the purchase and installation of an electric dryer.  I still find myself hanging my sheets and clothing outside but for the first time in years I have soft fluffy towels instead of stiff and scratchy ones.  I am looking forward to the local kids going back to school next week. They are fun, they are charming…they are NOISY!  I am looking forward to several hours of uninterrupted porch sitting…time to NOT have to look up and check that the screams coming from the next door neighbors house are NOT due to a mass invasion or an armed incursion…that the squeeling is due to a child playing and NOT an animal in excruciating pain..blessed silence except for birds chirping and the wind in the leaves on my oak tree. THAT is what i am looking forward to.

BMU Challenge by Steven Sawyer: introducing another favorite

Steven Sawyer, a wonderful blogger in his own right, created a challenge for those of us in the Blogging MeetUp group. The challenge is to introduce a fellow blogger that you FOLLOW, tell a bit about them and why you follow. Add a couple of links to your favorite posts should you be so inclined.

So far, I have introduced Kimmy of Kimmy’s Patio, Shay of A Sunken Thought and Jay of Running in my Head. Now, Continue reading

Kill them with kindness, day three

So, I left off at day three. The neighbor was starting to look around to make sure I was nowhere nearby whenever he left the house. I figured this was his way of avoiding me being nice to him. Obviously I was doing something right if he was anxious. Maybe he was beginning to rethink his attitude.

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31 day blog challenge, day 19: worst habits

31 day blog challenge, my worst habits 


  1. Procrastination: yep, I’ll admit it. I can put things off with the best of them. If I don’t want to do something, even if there is a deadline, I will find something…anything to do instead of whatever it is that needs doing.
  2. Smoking: I know, I know. I have quit at least a hundred times. The problem is I really don’t want to quit. I enjoy a cigarette.
  3.  Laziness:  yep, I can be lazy. I don’t want to do the laundry, or the dishes. I don’t want to sweep the floors or vacuum. I’d much rather read a book, or spend time with friends, or blog. I eventually get to the cleaning (there’s that procrastination again) and do it daily. It just seems to take forever because I don’t want to.
  4. Argumentativeness: I can hear the gasps….what? “Suze is argumentative?”  Yep. I love to argue. But it really isn’t a nice thing to do and I do it a little too much. I can argue any side of a discussion and have been known to do so ad infinitum.

I’m becoming just a little bit annoyed….

I’m becoming just a little bit annoyed by all the vitriol spewed forth from the mouths of people who before the Republican Party was corrupted by the trumpeter were rational, sweet-natured and moderate people.

I’m tired of my bumper stickers disappearing……I am disgusted that my truck got keyed…..I am beyond annoyed that by wearing a tee shirt my son sent me I am rudely accosted.

What is WRONG with you people?

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deployment…waiting for loved ones

armywifeplaqueI was an Army wife for many years and the one constant in that life was the waiting. George would be deployed and I would be waiting for him to come home again, all the time worried that he wouldn’t.  He would be up for promotion then a transfer to a new post and again we would be waiting. We learned rather quickly that the phrase “hurry up and wait” was the norm rather than an unusual occurrence. Continue reading

Stated better than I could have done

Reblogging Larry Paul Brown‘s post. Beautifully crafted post on the differences in this Republican Party and the consequences…….




The following is a letter which my local newspaper was kind enough to publish several months ago before the Republican Party ground itself into the proverbial “cesspool” it finds itself in today.

the GOP by Larrypaulbrown

Joe and I have been great friends for many years.  We met, as neighbors living in a snooty gated community, when his Great Dane somehow miraculously became impregnated by my sausage hound.  After the threats of lawsuits had subsided, we sat down over barbequed chicken and sweet tea to discuss our families, our employment, and politics.

Joe put out his elephant signs and I put out my donkey signs at every election.  We traded good-humored political talk and jabs and then when the elections were over our families got together for barbequed chicken and sweet tea.  It was a wonderful appreciation and respect for each other’s political opinions.  And that’s how it should have been.  His Republican leaders were for the most part honest, respectful, and civil. My support went to the Democratic counterparts who also were honest, respectful, and civil.

In 2016 all that has changed.  Oh, Joe and I are still great friends; we get together for picnics and political talk.  But the political talk is guarded, it is in a defense mode, it can no longer find compromise.  I do not understand where his GOP is headed and it’s frightening.  Joe justifies his loyalty to Republicans by support of party principles, if not the candidate.

When the American voter supports a candidate who has publicly ridiculed one of our most respected public servants, a Vietnam era POW who suffered torture and permanent disability as a result of his imprisonment, a man who subsequently dedicated his life as a United States senator, a man named John McCain, that American voter is ridiculing and lessening the sacrifices of all members of our armed forces.

When the American voter supports a candidate who has publicly encouraged doubt in the professionalism of a highly esteemed judge, a citizen who has dedicated his life to public service, a man of Mexican heritage, a man whose qualifications are questioned because of his ethnic heritage, that American voter is saying it is acceptable to judge a person on the basis of race.

When the American voter supports a candidate who has publicly ridiculed a disabled reporter by mimicking his disability, a man who apparently ruffled the wrong feathers, that American voter is encouraging our children to also ridicule fellow citizens with disabilities.

When the American voter supports a candidate who has publicly lambasted and ridiculed an American Muslim family for honoring their dead son, a military hero who gave his life to protect his men, a captain who was praised and decorated for his heroism, a soldier who followed his Muslim faith, that American voter is saying disrespect for patriots of differing faiths, creeds, and political opinion is tolerable.

You argue that, although you intensely dislike your candidate, you are voting for the party which promotes family values, which upholds Christian ethics, which wants to take Wall Street out of government, which believes in a less intrusive bureaucracy, which stands with the American working class.  Wake up! Your Republican Party has drastically metamorphosed into a wildly different structure from the GOP you hold so dearly.  Your candidate is merely the tip of a political iceberg which is far more divisive and dangerous than any of us can imagine.

Whom you vote for this November speaks volumes about who you are and what our society has become.  If the Republican candidate should win, then we indeed will need to lock our doors, load our guns, close our borders, abandon our allies, jail our dissenting patriots, and establish medieval racial barrier; we will have become the society of darkness about which your candidate has forewarned.