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One Lovely Blog Award!!!

Gabby Greywhiskers and Larry Paul Brown nominated me for a Lovely Blog Award.  Both these gentlemen (well Larry is a gentleman, the verdict is still out on Gabby) write the blog Quest. Go check them out.

Unlike Scotty of the infamous Toy Box, I accept awards.  Now, this isn’t to say that award free blogs are bad, because they aren’t.  But, MY blog has awards all over it and I think it jazzes up the blog. Poor Scottie has to rely on the written word to spice up his blog.

One Lovely Blog Award

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The Doors..as opposed to the doors

Larry over at quest left a comment on my Thursday Doors post..he thought those doors were a post about The Doors.

For those kids that are too young to remember the 1960’s, the Doors was an American Rock band comprised of John Densmore, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek, and Jim Morrison.

Jim Morrison was the lead singer and the major composer for the group. And, of course, every single young woman was madly “in love” with him…….well, except me.

I thought John (the drummer) was the man for me.  He never would have noticed me if we had ever been in the same room..that is totally beside the point.

The first song I sang with my high school rock band was “Light my Fire”..and it was just the first song.

Most everything we played was by the Doors. I played the keyboard and was the vocalist for “Clear Smoke” a band I conned into moving to Elon College with me my freshman year so I could still sing. The guys lived in an old VW van they moved between parking lots for almost six months.

I still have a recording of me singing “Love her madly”…I just don’t have a reel-to-reel player anymore.

Here are some of my favorite songs done by my favorite group of all time……………



Proud of Myself Badge

Holy cow!  Cheryl over at The Bag Lady (rugby843) this morning presented me with a badge she created.

She calls it the “Proud of Myself” Badge, and presents it to bloggers that have overcome difficulties, have shown endurance and strength.

It is with extreme gratitude that I accept this badge and will proudly “wear” it on my blog front page!

And, in gratitude, I feel a need to share this badge with someone that I have admired for his writing, his compassion, his sharing of his faith and his ability to laugh at the difficult things the world throws at him.  Go visit his blog, Quest.  I’d like to share one of my favorite posts by Larry called John, Bobby, and Martin. 

So, to my friend, Larry Paul Brown, I present with great joy the “Proud of Myself” badge. Wear it with pride knowing it is rarely given, and then only to people who just refuse to give up no matter their obstacles.

And the award goes to……….

YCMMBABP Award!!!!!!wink_large-1

Cyranny (of Cyranny’s Cove) my lovely blog-buddy from the frozen north has created a blog award.  And she gave it to ME! I am blather-smacked! (for those not speaking Suze, that means totally bum-fuzzled, embarrassed, excited, giddy and giggly all at the same time. and yes, it can be exhausting. Drink plenty of fluids, eat a cookie and go to bed early when it happens to you)

She even made a badge! She is simply incredible..the artwork is delightful, so polished and professional. She amazes me frankly.  (or even Georgely if you don’t know Frank)

Now……I have finally completed my research into who the very first person nominated should be. I have read comments, compared them and determined that this award for making a blog better through commentary is………..(drum roll please)……….

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