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Does Pamela make house calls?

I am totally annoyed. (yes, again)  I can’t for the life of me find a particular piece of paper that I KNOW I put on my desk yesterday…or maybe a few days ago. I have searched through every single pile of papers stacked on the desk and that one piece is hiding…..I am pretty sure it decided it didn’t want to be mailed out to some silly company that can’t spell my name properly…that’s the only rational thing I can think since I can’t bloody-well find the danged thing. Continue reading

Cee’s Share Your world, June 19, 2017

share your world challenge

Monday, Monday……

Couldn’t help myself. Every Monday I start singing this song, so it is only right ya’ll should have it stuck in YOUR heads as well! Mondays mean Cee’s Share your world challenge and her questions.  Here we go again! Her questions are in a gorgeous color…my answers are just…well…there actually. Continue reading

really bad poetry

While riding her bike through the larkspur

Shay’s tire developed a puncture

She yelled in frustration

“where in this Nation

is a tire that repairs its own punctures?”


Yea…I obviously have nothing. And I am using my mini-me as a part of the nonsense in an attempt to cover up that fact. Heck, I don’t think she even has a bike….much less rides it around and yells in frustration.

Oh, she can yell. She’s actually an exemplary yeller…just probably not at bike tires.

Taper that paper if you please

Taper that paper, angle that tape…grab that pig before it escapes. Obviously, I am at a complete loss how to deal with the daily prompt…oh, my mind is going in all sorts of directions.  The problem is settling down to one definition of the blasted word taper. 

Dratted English strikes again.  The language is so rich, so beautiful..then we go and do something stupid with it…like give one word 47 bazillion meanings and 31 gazillion pronunciations just to muck about with our minds.

Continue reading

Scribbler’s prompts? Say what?

The scribblers prompt this month was to reveal and describe five silly things I do or say.  What’s the Scribbler’s Prompt you ask? Heck if I know. I saw it on another blog (EllenBest24) and thought what a great idea so I stole it. Now I suppose I need to figure out who or what the scribbler is, don’t I? Ya’ll are just never satisfied until I search out silly answers! sheesh. Continue reading

Interview with an eggplant

My blogger buddy Cyranny left a comment on a post that had me snorting coca cola through my nose and onto the computer monitor…and because of that remark I now feel a compulsion to add to the volume of stupidity and nonsense with a new post.  So if you want serious, erudite and thoughtful commentary go find another blog.  This one isn’t even close! Continue reading