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I just realized……………..

I haven’t written a daily prompter post in almost two weeks! What is WRONG with me? I ALWAYS write a daily prompter post…it’s required…sort of.  Well, drat it all now I have to catch up and do all the words I failed to do for the past….Almost…two weeks! Here goes……………………… Continue reading

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Surreal Suze

I really like the Greek word, hypnagogic, instead of the French Surreal.  It just sounds neat. Not “neat” like un-messy, but “neat” like cool….oh sheesh. Well the cool is meant as wonderful, not some lack of hotness.  And the hotness is temperature, not a manly-man type.  Maybe I should just start over. I seem to be typing in circles.

I stole this picture from houseofclicks.wordpress.com

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I just can’t……..


I can’t. I just can’t write anything about the prompt. My mind is too shocked by the horrific events in Las Vegas last night.

Fifty people are dead this morning, and over 400 are wounded.  Fifty people DIED.

How can people think it is ever okay to shoot an automatic weapon into a crowd?  HOW? What makes a person think this is a good thing to do? What kind of hatred must they feel for humanity in order to pull that trigger?

64 year-old men just do not wake up one day and think “Oh gee, Maybe I should go shoot an automatic weapon into a crowd of 20K and see how many drop”

DO THEY?  Is this something that men do? And why?

Why isn’t law enforcement or the media calling this an act of terrorism?  I am terrified and I am not even near Las Vegas.

Anyone picking up an AUTOMATIC weapon and pointing it at human beings is a terrorist!  The ONLY exception to that particular rule of humanity is if that person is wearing a uniform and fighting a war.

You don’t stand at a hotel window, break out the glass and open fire on music lovers.

I no longer understand humans.

How many times must this sort of horror occur before Americans wake up and say no more?

How many innocents must die because a soulless, hate-filled person can buy a semi-auto at a gun show or local Walmart?

We need to decide what is more important to our country…this sort of heinous act or the ability to buy a weapon and thousands of rounds of ammo?

We need rational gun control now.

No more whining about the Second Amendment. At the time that amendment was written, there was no such thing as an automatic weapon.  It was written when black powder single shot guns were the best and most modern one could buy. Times have changed and not for the better.  The laws need to change as well.

burglars, breakfast and house pets, oh my!

I am quite sure I will receive no sympathy for this admission….but, my dogs have decided to boss me around…and I have let them. I didn’t mean to start out this way..I meant to teach the dogs to obey commands (mine) and to be good little house dogs and companions. Continue reading

peculiar limericks

Has anyone else noticed that nothing rhymes with peculiar?

I actually searched the interweb for words that could rhyme.  I don’t know why exactly, but I was thinking of writing a limerick for the daily prompt and I simply can not do it.

It is beyond annoying that I can not do what I wanted to do.  It’s peculiar, actually.

These are a few of the suggestions for “almost rhymes”…I don’t like “almost rhymes, they don’t rhyme at all….any way here is what I was given:

interlobular  (say what?)

juxtaglomerular (Dear LORD what a word!)

Julian  (JULIAN? That isn’t even close!)

Corbusier  (now that word is pronounced “cor-bus-ee-a” how does THAT come close?)

Cuellar OK, cuellar goes just a bit too far. Pronounced “Quay YAR”. How in heck does that even come close to peculiar?  Has the world gone mad?

I give up.  Yes, I know, I know…it is extremely peculiar for me to give up, but that is exactly what I am doing. I figure that there are so many other PRODUCTIVE things I could be doing that mucking about with non-rhymes just doesn’t cut it.



I have overcome many horrible things in my life.

I have survived homelessness and extreme poverty, rape, alcoholism, a narcissistic mother, an abusive spouse, medical issues and emotionally abusive siblings.

I am only the stronger for each of these things.

I regret nothing.

I am grateful.

I am hopeful.

I am optimistic.

I made a difference in the lives of others where I could.

I am now in the golden years of my life and looking back can honestly say I have lived a good life.

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finite math

I saw the word of the day and thought “Oh goodie! MATH!”  Now I know the rest of the world doesn’t see math as fun…and I didn’t either until I went back to college as an adult.  But certain words bring about certain emotions and when I see the word finite  my brain goes into overdrive, my pulse leaps and I am seriously focused on finding a solution. Continue reading