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I am a fraud………

Yes, yes I am. Here I go blathering on yet again…pretending to be a “blogger”.  Oh, I know that I am posting on a blog site, but just typing away a bit of blather or a rant does not a blogger make. I am a bloggery fraud.

Real bloggers write insightful posts each and every day. There are myriad examples of them out there.

Just look at Gronda Morin, or Calico Jack, or the Shinbone Star.  Those are all REAL bloggers.

There are blogs that teach, (ProfessorTaboo, Islamic Methodologies made Easy),

that enlighten,(Quest, A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales, For His Glory )

that organize, (Bee Organized with Pamela )

that bring joy through art  (Elaine’s Paintings, Weird WeekendsCee’s Photography)

…..then there is me.

I rant………I ramble………….I babble………I vent and I blather. I don’t have bazillions of followers breathlessly awaiting my words of wisdom.

And although I do know how to write well, I choose not to do so.  And I am happy with knowing I am a bloggery fraud!

Go check out all those links I posted.  Those are the bloggers deserving the title.


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One Lovely Blog Award!!!

Gabby Greywhiskers and Larry Paul Brown nominated me for a Lovely Blog Award.  Both these gentlemen (well Larry is a gentleman, the verdict is still out on Gabby) write the blog Quest. Go check them out.

Unlike Scotty of the infamous Toy Box, I accept awards.  Now, this isn’t to say that award free blogs are bad, because they aren’t.  But, MY blog has awards all over it and I think it jazzes up the blog. Poor Scottie has to rely on the written word to spice up his blog.

One Lovely Blog Award

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April 2017 A-Z Challenge wrap up

So, what was the point you may ask? Was it strictly to write a post a day for a month?  Was it just to have a whole lot of posts starting with a letter of the alphabet?

For me, it was to introduce to my readers some of the blogs that I either like, or follow around.

I failed on two letters for my own theme to the challenge. I did not have a “Y” or a “X”……….so I simply babbled or threw in extra posts that I liked with a link so you could like them too!

I did learn how to write ahead of time..and how to schedule a post for a specific day and time.  That gave me the time to actually read what I had written a day or two later and edit the posts.

Now, I know that my buddy Steven Sawyer is going to say “But, Suze! You NEVEr edit!”……………..well I did in April. For an entire month I edited my work and I have to admit………….


Now, I refuse to edit anything. If it is missspellled, too bad!  If there is a participial dangling, tough cookies! If my verb doesn’t match the noun or pronoun…I don’t care!

In any event, I completed the challenge for the second year.

This year the powers that be decided not to have a pingback place and everyone was to either post to FB or twitter.  Well, I don’t do that. I am not a twit and my fb is for everything EXCEPT a blog. So I missed having my pingback place. It also made it more difficult for me to find other participants…but I am a determined lil bugger and I found a bunch of them anyway.

Hopefully next year, the challengers shall have a pinging place once again.  I really don’t want to be a twit.

April A-Z Challenge: allisonVenezio

Allison Venezio writes Allison’s Written Words.  She is active on several sites including Buzzfeed, twitter, Agony Booth and Retroist. I just follow her around on WordPress as I don’t have a clue what those other things truly are.

I’ve just recently “found” Allison. Her post Return of the Februaries make me laugh out loud,…and I was hooked. If a writer can make me laugh they have my loyalty from that fist snicker to my last guffaw. I loved her statement about February “You sorta have to feel bad about how often it is misspelled.”

She has a wonderful and quirky sense of humor. Once you start reading her posts you will be laughing or shaking your head in awe at the way she thinks. Check it out: Daisy Approved!

Go give Allison a follow! You will be glad you did.



April A-Z Challenge: Steven Sawyer

Steven Sawyer writes For His Glory, a blog of Christ-centered, family oriented posts.

Steven’s blog has a mission statement (which I think it totally cool)  “To help us all know, understand, believe and live out of our true identity in Christ to glorify God.”

Quite a mission. Steven and I have had numerous discussions on politics, religion, families, education and grammar. Yes grammar! I hate it, Steven was an editor so he obviously loves it.

Steven is what I call a “helper”.  There are different categories of humanity ( in my head anyway)..and those to be most admired (again, in my head) are the helpers. These are people who go out of their way to assist others..whether it is through storytelling or education, a hand up or a hug, these people simply make life more enjoyable…more bearable.

Steven has already created a place where bloggers can go for a look at how Christianity meets the secular in his blog posts. He’s also created a place where bloggers can receive assistance with their writing.  It is called Write On Target and is filled with humorous instruction on “how to write good” (That’s my quote, not Steven’s).

Steven isn’t afraid of the difficult topics. He and I have had some incredible discussions coming from polar opposites. He argues brilliantly and impersonally. You always know he respects you AND your opinions even when he thinks you are wrong.

Some of the personal stuff: Steven’s favorite color is blue (except when he decides he likes green better), he lives in the south (Alabama I think), worked for donkey’s years for newspapers working his way to editor (thus the grammar love)  and he doesn’t like cats.  Now that one almost made me decide I didn’t like him…I adore cats. But he does like dogs so I decided he was okay.

A post that made me think: Are you a sea of galilee or a dead sea believer

One that made me argue: How do we know the One True Church?

One that made me argue a lot: do Humans get a pass on sin?


Go check him out if you haven’t already. I follow him “religiously” …….lol


5 day Music Challenge, day 1

I was nominated for this totally cool, five day, a song a day challenge by Ms. Popeye (not really..by The Bag Lady)  I’ve been wandering around behind her for a while now and always find something funny, interesting, or intellectual on her site. Go see for yourself if ya don’t believe me! Gosh this is a difficult crowd!

The hard part will be to pick just five songs. Why do these challenges make you choose just a few? Can’t someone come up with a bazillion day song challenge/ That would be easier I would think. Oh well..ours is not to wonder why…. Continue reading

Blogging Meetup Challenge :introducing two terrific bloggers

Steven Sawyer gave this challenge, and failed to place a number or time limit on it which I am taking advantage of immediately. The challenge is this: find a blogger you follow and write about them. Give examples as to why they are one of your favorites. Leave a few links to posts you loved. So for numbers two and three of my favs listing, I would like to introduce Continue reading