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Ok, Cheryl, you asked for it

Rugby843.com posted pictures of the items she carries in her bag…granted she did it for a challenge, and she has admitted to downsizing her bag since the grandkids all carry their own stuff now.

She challenged anyone reading to do the same. (show a pic of the bag..well STUFF in the bag…. not downsize their own)

So (of course) I decided to clean out my bag prior to posting anything. I’m sure no one wants to see the baggie of cookies that disintegrated in the bottom of my bag, nor do they wish to see a diaper that I carry for Sally next door when she has her grandbaby over and forgot to prepare. I figured we had to only show the stuff that is usually in our bags……..so here it is and no snark from the peanut gallery. EVERYTHING I have is essential…maybe.

yes, that is a drill. it is also a screwdriver. and yes, that is a mouse trap. don’t ask. There’s my NEW phone and my Kindle (Thank you Aidan J Reid!!!), and just assorted stuff and things.

Now, what’s in YOUR bag?


I missed “Chaos Never Dies Day”!

I simply can not believe I missed such a wonderful and fun holiday! Yea, it was yesterday.  All day yesterday I could have enjoyed total chaos and I MISSED IT!

And today is “forget me not” Day……….terrific. It’s like the holidays are smacking me for forgetting Chaos Day! I’m skipping that one and looking forward to the upcoming holidays.

After all, what could be better than  “Clean your Refrigerator Day” on the 15th

or “Have a Party with your Bear Day” on the 17th?

Now, I only need to find a Bear to party down with.

I don’t think Oklahoma actually HAS bears. I may need to go visit Cheryl up in Colorado to find a bear….or maybe the zoo will allow me to party with their bears! I can see me now, dressed in a moth-eaten fur coat and carrying a pot of honey…I’d strut right on ito the zoo office and say “I am here to party hardy with the bears!”

Of course, knowing the straight-laced peeps at the Zoo offices, my next stop would be here……

and I’d miss “All Our Uncles are Monkeys Day”. That’s always a hoot.


NanoPoblano, day 7



Day three again? or possibly day 24 of some other blog challenge?  Nah, the challenge is to write a NEW post every day (which I already try to do) and just go for it….so, without further ado………….what IS further ado anyway?

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NanoPoblano, day 2

I keep thinking about peppers.  Yes, I know, I know….this IS the NanoPoblano Challenge after all and there’s a big ol pepper right smack in the middle of the badge…so what else should I be thinking of? Rarasaur had no idea what she was getting into when she created this thing….I bet she is shaking her head in complete confusion now that I have started posting in this thing. I feel sort of sorry for the poor girl…NOT!

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The NEWS that should have passed me by…………..

I was wandering through the interweb browsing the assorted local and state “news” channels when I came across this: “Former state Sen. Kyle Loveless misused his campaign funds to go Christmas shopping, travel to Oklahoma-Texas games, pay his divorce attorney and buy a massage”( Nolan Clay)  Buy a MASSAGE? Hoo Boy!

Kyle Loveless

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One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small

I try not to complain, but this “aging” thing I have going is becoming annoying.  Oh, I understand that I don’t have the ability to stop it in its tracks, but there are times I sure wish I could do so.

This morning is a prime example of what I mean.  Well, frankly, I have to start it out with last night.

After being horrified by the National news it took me seemingly forever to relax enough to be able to sleep.  I normally can dop off about 11 every night and sleep through till morning……..with a fricking sleeping pill. But last night, even with the danged pill, I didn’t drop off till after 5 am.

The day’s events just kept floating around in my brain. The hatred that I witnessed from afar was just too much for me to put it aside.

The dehumanization that it took for a young man to simply drive into a crowd, then back up and drive over his victims again before racing off backward and harming even more people, was so shocking to me that I couldn’t absorb it.  It floated through my thoughts like a miasma. I tossed and turned seemingly forever.

The older I become the more difficult it is to be comfortable, whether lying down, sitting or standing.  This little annoyance my doctor calls “Arthuritis” (it must be a midwestern way of saying the word) never lets me alone for long.  Arms and legs aching, joints swelling..it’s beyond annoying and into the realm of maddening.

Then there is the fact that I have to take so many dad-blasted pills every day. One would think my entire diet was encompassed in pills.  I can not help but remember a cartoon (the Jetsons) where everyone popped pills to eat instead of having food. Even the dog had a pill in the morning!

I have to take the “One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small”….and of course the ones that do nothing at all.  Well, they must do something, but I’m not sure what they do as I never feel anything from them.

OK, enough of whinging.

That’s another thing that annoys me about this aging thing.  People whing on and on about their aches and pains…it’s as if we are all trying to outdo each other.

Back to this morning.

I finally woke up somewhere in the neighborhood of tomorrow. (I think it was 9 am actually). I had to take my dad-gummed blood sugar..now, I haven’t gone into the diabetes full steam as of yet…I am a “borderline”…no comments from the psychologists who read this blather. It isn’t a borderline personality.  In any event, taking my blood sugar helps me decide what food to eat and what exercise to do and whether I should stick my head in an oven yet.

I checked it and it looks as if today I get to eat cardboard and sawdust instead of food. That’s what a lack of sleep gets me…oh and stress over the insanity taking over my country.  So after a breakfast of sawdust and cardboard, I took my pills. One for the heart, two for diabetes, three to keep breathing….it’s a wonder I remember to take these blasted things at all. I have one that counteracts the side effects of another…….how crazy is that? Why not just have a pill with no side effects so I can skip a few?

As soon as I finished the pills, I got to chase cats.  They had wandered in through the dog door and decided to bring their breakfast inside.  Their breakfast, unfortunately, was still flapping madly around the house with them in hot pursuit. After a bazillion years or so I managed to cage the birds (yes, there was more than one bird in the house) and set them free outside. The cats assisted me in this endeavor. It’s always nice to have helpful pets.

I finally made it over to the computer and logged in…and my fingers are so swelled up and sore that typing is difficult.  The one thing I look forward to each and every day is rambling on in the blog and my aged hands are attacking me? This aging thing sucks!