Chain chain chain…..chain of Suze

I tend to write things with a silly song in my head so try and ignore that if it bugs you. (chain chain chain..chain of fools!) Now to the Blogs I either read daily, or just out and out follow around (I prefer the term stalking but they don’t for some reason)

It’s PH : for an incredible blog, amazing challenges, and just a really nice guy to talk to, check out this blog!

Steven Sawyer  His blog is For Your Glory. Steven is a lovely blogger. What is even better is he acts as he speaks. In his own words: “My passion is my mission statement: to help us all know, understand, believe and live out of our true identity in Christ.”

memory of the star “Memory of the Star is best described as an online newspaper staffed by Dylan Greene.” in his own words.

Spice Traders Teas  BEST supplier of teas and spices I know! amazingly good teas………..try the chocolate tea! Also has a nice blog attached, but just get the teas! You won’t be sorry.

The Psy of Life Can you say snark with a psych background? yea, it’s all that and more!

snoozing on the sofa Scott writes about his wife and kids and life in general….I adore him!

Ken Robert over at Things I Can’t Say….incredible blog. Politics, snark, humor, fiction and poetry! Ken writes for everyone. a blog written by the “only blogger ever to win the Pulitzer prize for blogging!”  must be true, I saw it online! an actual DUDE writing a blog that women love to read! amazing but true!

my middle name is sarcasm  be prepared to snort coffee right out of your nose.

a sunken thought a good friend’s blog site. a twenty-ish mom writing about her opinions and loves…and if you are lucky she’ll rant too!

Expressive Human A blog managed extremely well by a lovely young man named Kaushal. Check it out.

GretaLamfel  another wonderful blog. You are sure to find many wonderful posts here. Based in South Africa.

Aidan J Reed a published author, blogger, world wanderer……lovely man with a LOT to say.

Life with Jess  terrific blog……a lovely and charming, crazy as a coot Southern Lady. You won’t ever forget her once you meet her

Running in my Head to use his exact description, the blog is “rantings & ramblings of a book-loving, coffee-drinking, marathon-running social studies teacher”  exactly! lol

Just writing:  go check out Linda’s blog…it is wonderful!

Larry Brown: writes about recovery. lovely man.

Nam Nguyen; explore reality through fiction here. A Lovely blog!

Pamela: This woman will get your home and life organized before you can whistle dixie! Amazingly easy to follow instructions on how to clear the junk out.

Truly:  This young lady hasn’t a clue just how darned special she is..her writings are soulful, beautiful, inspiring, name the emotion and she can mirror it in her work.

Dream Big, Dream Often: Danny has a dream and encourages others to grow and become the very best they can be. He also has partners of which I am quite happily one. Check out his partners here 

Go Fund Me: crowd funding at its easiest.  Need money for a floor heater (I did)..write a give me money post and watch the funds roll in. Want a dream vacation? how about the money to buy a home?  You’d be amazed at what people ask for..and GET MONEY for!

Harini: writes The Long View, an amazing blog about farming.  Harini takes the wishful thinking about owning a sustainable farm and turns it into a reality. She writes with clarity about the downside of farming as well as the benefits.


9 thoughts on “Chain chain chain…..chain of Suze

  1. This is so warm. Thank you for the lovely description.. I am so happy to read that.. 🙂 Thank you so much for the mention. I am happy that my blog finds an entry here.. 🙂

  2. I love the page title. It’s catchy. It also suggests you have a sense of humor. What site visitor wouldn’t love you for that. I’m certainly impressed by you.

    What a nifty idea to have a Links page. I know FundMe, and yes it does work. The blog sites look interesting too. Will probably check them out. You did!

    • thanks so much….I had to stop and think, “do I have a links page”……oh she means the thingys that go to other peoples thingys! Yes, yes i do! thanks for visiting to sparkyville to see what you are up to! 😀

  3. Okay, just how, exactly, do I ‘follow’ this darn blog? I have been hanging around that lower right-hand corner for many posts now, and the follow button never shows up. Maybe I’m confused…do you allow followers here?

    Much thanks in advance!

    • I honestly don’t know…I have been assured by the techno-geeks that handle my admin stuff (basically because I tend to delete things without knowing what I just did) that there is indeed a way to do so….Oh, the head-geekette just sent me a little notice: “Suze! Pay attention this time! To follow you, have your people go to the WP reader and add you in my typing your address into the space provided. Here’s hoping the 40th time telling you this actually sticks this time!” So there you have it, and hopefully I will remember.

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