I just realized……………..

I haven’t written a daily prompter post in almost two weeks! What is WRONG with me? I ALWAYS write a daily prompter post…it’s required…sort of.  Well, drat it all now I have to catch up and do all the words I failed to do for the past….Almost…two weeks! Here goes……………………… Continue reading

Like 12+

NanoPoblano, day 12

How many days are in November anyway?  I need a calendar.  I keep saying the silly 30 days has September thing from childhood, but since childhood was an eon ago I can’t remember where November goes, or how many days in July. It is almost the 12th, and I am ridiculously awake in the middle of night…so i figured I’d blog a post and get ahead of myself for a change.  Except………… Continue reading

I missed “Chaos Never Dies Day”!

I simply can not believe I missed such a wonderful and fun holiday! Yea, it was yesterday.  All day yesterday I could have enjoyed total chaos and I MISSED IT!

And today is “forget me not” Day……….terrific. It’s like the holidays are smacking me for forgetting Chaos Day! I’m skipping that one and looking forward to the upcoming holidays.

After all, what could be better than  “Clean your Refrigerator Day” on the 15th

or “Have a Party with your Bear Day” on the 17th?

Now, I only need to find a Bear to party down with.

I don’t think Oklahoma actually HAS bears. I may need to go visit Cheryl up in Colorado to find a bear….or maybe the zoo will allow me to party with their bears! I can see me now, dressed in a moth-eaten fur coat and carrying a pot of honey…I’d strut right on ito the zoo office and say “I am here to party hardy with the bears!”

Of course, knowing the straight-laced peeps at the Zoo offices, my next stop would be here……

and I’d miss “All Our Uncles are Monkeys Day”. That’s always a hoot.


NanoPoblano, day 10

I was asked yesterday, “what’s your theme for that chili pepper blog thing?”  THEME?  I don’t have a theme. I am just babbling about whatever whenever I feel like babbling.  Can babbling be a theme?

Check out Rarasaur’s pages for the blog information. I doubt she said a single word about themes for this challenge.

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nanoPoblano, day 9

Yesterday was horrible! My blog was down (gee, server-girl forgot to pay the bill) and I discovered I could use my phone (I still don’t know why the puter didn’t work) to access the wp site so i posted a sort of post but not really a post, except it posted so i suppose it was a real post after all. I am still in blogger Hell because I am unsure if this post will post like the last post didn’t post.

If I post about posting does it really count as a post? Or is it simple postal?

I did manage to clean the kitchen until it sparkled…and I got all the mending done..the closets cleared out of stuff I refuse to wear ever again, and vacuumed and dusted to within an 1/8th of an inch of transparency………………but I couldn’t blog.

Now, my brain is in cleaning mode and not posting mode and I have a feeling it shows.

Maybe I should post a post later when the brain actually connects to an active neuron………….or I could just continue to babble until something smart sounding falls out. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen though.

hopefully this works.nanowhatsits day 8

i’m doing this on a phone…first time so bear with me for a bit. i haven’t a clue how to add a link since i can only open one tiny window at a time, so go check out rarasaur for the original challenge link and those to the other people “playing”.

Oh cool. I figured out how to do a quotation symbol! woot!

I don’t have anything to blog about except my utter inability to access my blog through my server. it is annoying beyond belief to know the blog is there…it is fine…it’s active…and i can’t get in!

Heck I can’t even add my challenge badge to this from my phone.

Who knew there would someday be phones that a person could carry around with them and that still worked! i grew up with a wall-phone. it had a handset that you had to pick up and stick up to your head to listen and speak. The little wire that held it to the wall-base was about six inches long and curly…you couldn’t go anywhere with that sucker.

If you tried, it would yank you backwards like a spring and your head would bonk on the wall.

It was also a place where you would be trapped and your brother or sister could easily find you and demand you stop talking NOW and go do something else. or Mother would wander into the room and smack you on the top of the head to get your attention…………..yea, big time trouble whenever Mother caught us blathering on a phone.

Phones changed..a couple of car phones appeared in the early 70’s. Big suckers that took up half the front seat of limousines (no one but the rich could afford them)…then “cell phones” were introduced.

Big suckers with a huge antenna sticking out the top……….they worked , sort of, but cell phone towers were few and far between.

I got a pager instead of a cell. It would buzz and wiggle whenever you needed to call someone and just the phone number would scroll across its tiny face. Then I’d have to go find a phone somewhere so i could call back whomever was trying to gain my attention.

I had a “flip phone” cell for about ten years. Forget upgrades, I didn’t want them. What a hassle!

Then Gunnar, the dog of my heart, buried my phone in the veggie garden and I had to get this thing that looks like a kindle. Today I actually opened the web thingy on it’s face and clicked in.

I can’t believe how far I have come.