release of frustrations and “once more unto the breach”

I’ve had several days this week out in the “wilderness”, camping with my best friends, and giving up all the frustrations and anger over politics, the Religious “right”, etc. etc., etc..  It was such a blessed  release  and I seriously didn’t want to come back home and once more take up the banner of protest. Continue reading

Mini-Vacation at Boiling Springs..the pictures!

Mini-vacation at Boiling Springs

It always amazes me that just a few days spent out in the boonies makes me love life so much! We went on a short camping trip to Boiling Springs State Park this week. Boiling Springs is located 75 miles west of Enid.  Just far enough away for a nice drive and yet close enough for a quick camping trip without a lot of stress from traveling. Continue reading

loyal? okay; let’s talk about dogs

because honestly, they are about the most loyal creatures on the planet.

I have two.  One is a fox terrier and the other a minpin…now I used to own great Danes so these guys were quite odd to me at first.  I can put them into my purse! I never could put a dane in my purse…not even just one paw would have fit.

I can  stuff both dogs at once into a purse I brought back from Egypt. I guess it is more of a shopping bag for normal people, but since I carry a few tools, an e-book, my wallet, bottled water, and a first aide kit I need a big purse. I did a post once on all the junk I cart around with me.

It seems the older I become the smaller the dogs that own me become.

I wonder if it works that way for everyone?

My cats just get bigger for some reason.  Again Two cats own me.  And they are HUGE. pyewacket, a white/apricot point siamese longhair is at least ten pounds……..pure muscle too. He’s long and tall and LOUD. I have been seriously considering getting ear plugs and wearing them all the time when Pye is around. He just talks constantly………..

Then there is Teddy..aka Theodore J Cat…haven’t a clue what the J is for either. you’d have to ask the grand daughter why Teddy had a middle initial. Teddy is a 23 pound moster of a tabby cat. He has breakfast at five different houses so it isn’t any wonder he is huge.  I just wish he were fat instead of so danged big. He is sold muscle just like Pye. Cats are not loyal either…hence the eating at five homes by my cat. Gunnar and Dasher would never eat at the neighbor’s homes.

Cats are not loyal either…hence the eating at five homes by my cat. Gunnar and Dasher would never eat at the neighbor’s homes. And the cats will roll over and let everyone rub their tummies.  Not the dogs. They save their lovin for their humans in this house.

There you have it. Dogs are loyal..cats aren’t.



I have been wandering around facebook…..

looking for bloggery buddies.

It took me three days and assistance from another friend to just find Larry!

Now I already have Elaine and I have Ehklas…and I even have GeorgieMoon…I just couldn’t find Larry.

BUT, I finally connected this morning….afternoon? 

And it made me think…how can I find other people? or would they even want to be found?

What if someone is out there and just cringes when you discover that you “know” them from their blog?  Does that make you a stalker?

It is a mystery……………

Cee’s Share Your world, Oct 16, 2017

I just looked at the date and thought “where the heck did this year go?” How in tarnation can it be October already? I never think of time flowing past until something makes me look at a calendar and then it is “Whammo!”…my head nearly explodes.  What in heck am I babbling about? Oh yea….cee’s Share Your World. Here we go! Continue reading

I am a fraud………

Yes, yes I am. Here I go blathering on yet again…pretending to be a “blogger”.  Oh, I know that I am posting on a blog site, but just typing away a bit of blather or a rant does not a blogger make. I am a bloggery fraud.

Real bloggers write insightful posts each and every day. There are myriad examples of them out there.

Just look at Gronda Morin, or Calico Jack, or the Shinbone Star.  Those are all REAL bloggers.

There are blogs that teach, (ProfessorTaboo, Islamic Methodologies made Easy),

that enlighten,(Quest, A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales, For His Glory )

that organize, (Bee Organized with Pamela )

that bring joy through art  (Elaine’s Paintings, Weird WeekendsCee’s Photography)

…..then there is me.

I rant………I ramble………….I babble………I vent and I blather. I don’t have bazillions of followers breathlessly awaiting my words of wisdom.

And although I do know how to write well, I choose not to do so.  And I am happy with knowing I am a bloggery fraud!

Go check out all those links I posted.  Those are the bloggers deserving the title.


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