404 no more

404: error!!!!

Oh dear. I bet this wasn’t exactly what you were expecting, is it?

Sorry. This is the non-page page. Yea, I know, I know. A NON page page? really Suze? Well, this is for all those people out there (just like me) that hates to go to the wrong door, call the wrong number, find the wrong website.  Yes, I do understand you all were trying to find an erudite, intelligent and interesting page…and you got THIS instead.

You can do a couple of things to get off this page and never return.

You can SEARCH for a different and interesting page. Oh don’t click that, it isn’t a take me outta here button. It is just a different color and it is underlined.

You can just click the little X thingy at the top right of the page…except that will just close out your browser and that probably isn’t what you really want.

You can try hitting the backspace key on your keyboard. Not sure exactly what that will accomplish, but it is something to do.

Or you could just click on a different tab, button or link for a page here on this very non-interesting non-informative and somewhat useless bloggery of mine and see what other nonsense I have posted somewhere else.

In the meantime, realize that it must have been an extremely boring day for me to have even considered, much less created a page like this!

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