Ok, Cheryl, you asked for it

Rugby843.com posted pictures of the items she carries in her bag…granted she did it for a challenge, and she has admitted to downsizing her bag since the grandkids all carry their own stuff now.

She challenged anyone reading to do the same. (show a pic of the bag..well STUFF in the bag…. not downsize their own)

So (of course) I decided to clean out my bag prior to posting anything. I’m sure no one wants to see the baggie of cookies that disintegrated in the bottom of my bag, nor do they wish to see a diaper that I carry for Sally next door when she has her grandbaby over and forgot to prepare. I figured we had to only show the stuff that is usually in our bags……..so here it is and no snark from the peanut gallery. EVERYTHING I have is essential…maybe.

yes, that is a drill. it is also a screwdriver. and yes, that is a mouse trap. don’t ask. There’s my NEW phone and my Kindle (Thank you Aidan J Reid!!!), and just assorted stuff and things.

Now, what’s in YOUR bag?


8 thoughts on “Ok, Cheryl, you asked for it

    • i put the mouse trap in there about a month ago..found it at a yard sale. the drill is super handy. I must pull that sucker out once a week and shock the heck out of whichever man has asked for one…..lol

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