OK, enough! Mental Health day is needed!

I can not continue to think about the government and the insanity coming out of our president’s mind into the news cycles.  I just can not do it and remain sane. I need a good mental health revival day.

So today, I am grabbing the dogs and going for a playdate with their best buddies.  Then I am going to latch on to my best friend and we’re going yard sale-ing.

I have the phone set to send automated messages to my senators and congressmen…I even have a fax ready to go out several times over the day. I have reminded people of town halls, and email campaigns. I have reminded people to take supplies to the pickup station for the Hurricane victims, and I have crowd sourced another.  I have done all I can do for the day.

So, I have my list. I have ten dollars burning a hole through my pocket. And I am going to go spend the day thinking about nothing more than enjoying this gorgeous day.

I figure I can catch up with my blogs I follow later (much later0 on this afternoon. In the meantime, everyone out there in cyber-space have a great day!

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