finite math

I saw the word of the day and thought “Oh goodie! MATH!”  Now I know the rest of the world doesn’t see math as fun…and I didn’t either until I went back to college as an adult.  But certain words bring about certain emotions and when I see the word finite  my brain goes into overdrive, my pulse leaps and I am seriously focused on finding a solution.

Of course, I am no longer taking any college courses, and math is not on my mind every day the way it used to be….but seeing a word like the word of the day (finite for those who have forgotten already) makes me see stuff like this:

And my fingers itch to grab a calculator or slide rule…yes I KNOW how to use a slide rule. I sort of prefer it.  No, I really and truly DO prefer a slide rule. It makes me think more….and it doesn’t use batteries.

Well, drat. I went off into left field and now haven’t a clue where I meant to go.

Since that is pretty typical for me though (unless I am working a math problem) I’m just going to go off and read other people’s posts. They are bound to be more focused than mine.



9 thoughts on “finite math

  1. I had to google slide rule to see it for the first time.
    Well. I had maths and additional maths in school and i wasnt actualy bad at it. Maths class was moreof a group thing and most of times we all had our own methods to bring the same answer and we had no idea how we did it.

    Thanks for reminding me of some good days.

  2. At the risk of revealing my age, when I was a kid back in the days before hand-held calculators or and computers, my father gave me a slide rule with the intension of teaching me how to use it so I could grow up and be an engineer. Imagine how disappointed he was when the only thing I used the slide rule for was to extend it as far as I could and pretend it was a sword to fight off imaginary bad guys.

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