scrambling to make sense of the word

amble?? Is there a letter missing?  An R maybe?  or more than one letter missing?  Scramble would be a word I could sink my teeth into (I know, Bad Pun! lol) Amble just looks like it is missing something to make it “real”.  For all you purists I do know that Amble is a word..I even know what it means. It just LOOKS like it is a half-word..a misspelling…a stupidity in the making.

I prefer words that annoy people, that show an emotion.  Why can’t I sashay instead of amble?  I LIKE sashay. it is reminiscent of southern ladies at an afternoon barbeque, ala Scarlet O’Hara. It is perfumed walks along a riverside, dangling a lacy handkerchief or tilting a parasol.

Or how about Toddle?  That brings a smile to people’s faces that amble will never accomplish. I think of babies learning to walk

..puppies trying to get from one place to another.

Toddle is an amazingly happy word. Amble just sounds stupid.

Why can’t we use Mosey?  Mosey along now and you wander slowly from hither to yon, eventually getting to wherever. No one is ever in a hurry when they mosey.

I suppose I could always loiter…except I am bound to get into trouble for it later.  No one wants to loiter. No loitering is ever allowed. We have signs all over the place saying so.  Instead of no loitering, couldn’t we have “please mosey” instead?

Somehow I feel like this post is just wandering around instead of going wherever it should be going….but, it is Monday, so I don’t even care. I’m off to do something amazing and/or wonderful today.  I may meander around town..or I might wander aimlessly.  I haven’t a clue what it is yet but I am sure it will be exciting and I will tell you all about it once I discover whatever it is.

10 thoughts on “scrambling to make sense of the word

  1. Amble probably didn’t sound stupid to the people of the period. They might have ambled quite a lot and enjoyed it as much as you/I enjoy wandering or meandering around today. If you think amble is off-putting, I suspect you’d probably throw a tizzy-lizzy fit at some of the other words somebody of that period might have coined. Eek!!!

      • For some crazy reason, I had to put your blog’s URL in my browser to reply without the %20 attached. Wouldn’t work from my WordPress entry point. Here goes!

        I used Google to look up words similar to amble.

        What about tootle, promenade?

        The word amble originated from Middle English, which is a mixture of Old English and Anglo-Norman. Amble originally denoted a horse’s gait). 14th Century. I see Old French, and Latin influences too.

        Here’s a few you may recognize: napron [apron], ham [home], ban [bone], stan [stone], siting [sitting].

        The period, way they spoke, what they referenced to be similar in understanding & the make-a-word they fashioned from it. Fascinating!

  2. Suze, you crack me up. I like loiter. Unfortunately, it is always attached to some form of illegal activity. Have you ever seen a sign, “Welcome, loiter at your leisure.” ? Maybe it sounds too much like goiter. Now, that’s a bad thing.

    • even goiter sounds better than loiter…I still like sashay best. Maybe it is the dress…….more than likely it’s the parasol. I can hit and poke irritating loiterers with a parasol!

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