the things we bury

I think my house may be built over an old dump from the late 1800’s.  When Lee (my handyman) was digging up the sewer lines and tearing down the ancient barn, he dug up at least 30 old bottles. 

I have been cleaning them out for the past three months.  I never realized just how difficult it is to get soil and detritus out of glass bottles until I tried to clean these.

I took a couple of the cleaned ones to an antique dealer here in town and discovered that they were from the mid-1800’s and three of them were ‘tincture” jars and one was an old spice jar.  I sold them to the dealer on the spot when she offered me $95.00 for them. of course, I gave it to Lee as he had done all the work digging them up.

But for the ones I am cleaning (or rather struggling to clean)?

I think I have found a second income!  If I can just get all the dirt out.

6 thoughts on “the things we bury

    • oh heaven’s…YES. We found a flower pot, a wagon wheel (a real one, wooden spokes and all), several moonshine know, brown crockery jugs? Two hubcaps in the top layer of soil immediately in front of the barn. Three tiny (and extremely ugly) porcelain vases, a civil war medical kit complete with bottles and bandages, a couple of odd tools, a cannonball and various bullets. We also found part of an old shotgun…the stock not the barrel.

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