She’s singing again…….on aisle three!

A little bit of this..a little bit of that.  Here I am once again singing old show tunes to the word of the day. portion   I’m not exactly sure why I do that. The sing a song to a word memory thingy. It’s something I have done since I can first remember anything.

I think my parents probably warped my brain by making me sing that stupid alphabet song to learn the ABC’s. Now if I need to learn something I still do it. Sing a song in my head so I can remember what it was I needed to remember.

It’s actually kind of annoying. I find myself singing all kinds of stupid things…like the grocery list. Now, I ask you, how would you feel if you heard someone singing a list of junk in a grocery store?  Yea…I do get a LOT of odd looks from strangers, thanks so much for asking.

Some of the grocery list songs are actually funny in an incredibly stupid sort of way.

Last week, George asked me to buy a particular lunchmeat…I hate the stuff so I never get it but after I arrived at the store I realized I had left the grocery list on the dining room table.  No choice but to sing the song to remember the list. It went something like this:

Spam-a-lot, Spam-a-lot, I need a can of peas.  

and a can of soup, another can of soup

Mushroom if you please.

A loaf of bread, tomatoes and an onion

paper for my bum and drippy nose.

apples for my gut, and peaches George forgot,

and one brief pair of plums and another spam………..a …..lot!


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