Pennies from Heaven

Wasn’t there a song back in the 60’s about pennies from Heaven?  If I am remembering something real I am pretty sure there was.  Today was 20’s from heaven. Yep, two Twenty dollar bills (moola, legal tender, money!!!) came floating down on me at a local grocery store. I watched them flutter down in front of my face and thought “what the”…then stomped on them as they landed so they wouldn’t disappear.

I did actually look up at the store roof (no one there), the sky (no planes or helicopters overhead) and all around the parking lot (I was the only one there).  I figure God decided I needed money today and sent them to me…then I figured I’d be punished for such a flippant thought…then I decided “the Hell with it all, I have money!”.

I gave one of them to Angie…she is after all my best buddy in the entire world (besides she is as broke as we are)…….then used the other to buy a few things at a yard sale.

Sue and Carl were making the attempt to come up with a tax payment for their home.  All the homes were reassessed this year and everyone got a surprise bill a month ago. So I got a tiny folding ironing board (much easier to iron the seams on the quilt I am making) and a cloth casserole cover/holder for 2 bucks and gave her the twenty.  I escaped before she could figure out I gave her too much.

I came home to put away my new treasures and a few minutes later Angie showed up.  She had purchased a BOX of material from Sue (that yard sale across the street) and thought there would be quilting stuff in it….I now have enough cotton material to make a double bed sized quilt! AND, I have a casserole cover/holder that I can take apart and make a pattern from then make a bazillion of them for yard sales!

Lordie, I adore this town!



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