Pink listings are personal: with list! woot!

I make lists.  I know it is just a tiny bit OCD, but I do so love to make lists.  If we are planning a trip I may end up with a dozen or more lists that cover every contingency that pops up in my head.

My good friends all think it is cute and just roll their eyes at me when I start.  The great friends help me make some lists as they know how much I love making them.  The incredible friends ask me to make them a list of their own.

Everyone knows I am going camping on Monday…well everyone that reads my blog, knows me on Facebook or Google+ or is related in any way at all. I have now made a few lists for the trip.

I hate to forget things that could be handy, and I hate having to jerry-rig things or go out and buy replacement articles when I KNOW I have 14 of the buggers at home in a box. So I make lists.

I have created what I think is the ultimate tent camping list. Or even family camping list…and it can be easily modified to girl or boy scouts or bluebirds…whatever.

It is color coordinated so you can pack like things together more easily. It has options and variations within the color schemes. I am in hog heaven with it. I have blue items that pertain to the shelter, pink items that are personal gear, green items for cooking, black for extras and lighting.  Heck, I even have brown for a chuck box in case anyone wants to pretend to be a cowboy. (cows are made sense to me at the time!)

Now if I can just figure out how to copy and paste that PDF file in here ya’ll can use it too. I am pretty sure I am going to need a ten year old to do that.

Okay, I have no clue how to do it. Someone way smarter or way younger than me is going to have to comment and tell me how to get a PDF file into this danged blog!

And thanks to Larry, here we go! TADA!

Camping Trip Planning

__ Permits/Fees/Reservations


__ Directions

__ Firewood arrangements

Sleeping Bag w/Stuff sack

__ Headrest/Pillow

__ Pump for air mattresses

__ Sleeping bag liners

__ Extra Blankets/sheets


(Essentials )
__ Tent
Shower Tent
Tent Stakes/Guy-lines

__ Tent Ground cloth
__ Tent Rain-fly or tarp
Stake Mallet and Stake Puller
Rope for extra tie-down lines
Extra Tent Stakes
Duct Tape or Tent Repair Kit
__ Small Wisk broom with dust pan
__ Entrance Door Mat/Carpet
Tent Light

Personal Gear

__ Backpack

__ Clothes

__ Flashlight

__ Canteen/Water Bottle

__ Camping Knife

__ Lighter/Waterproof Matches

__ Whistle

__ Drinking Cup

__ Hat

__ Stuff Sack for dirty laundry
__ Small Stuff Sack for small items
__ Headlamp
__ Extra batteries
__ Camping Multi-Tool
__ Compass
__ Personal Pocket First Aid Kit
__ Fork/Spoon
__ Toilet paper
__ Extra Shoe/Boot Laces
__ Safety Pins  – 3 or 4 assorted sizes
__ Cord – Nylon or Parachute cord
__ Camp Chair/Stool
__ Camp Shoes – Slip-ons

__ Insect Repellant

__ Sunscreen
__ Sunglasses

__ Lip Balm

__ Binoculars 

__ Camera/film

__ Journal/pen/pencil

__ Book(s)

__ Deck of cards


__ Soap

__ Toothpaste/Toothbrush

__ Shampoo     __ Conditioner     __ Brush/Comb
__ Razor/Shaving Cream

__ Aftershave
__ Face Cloth/Hand towel

__ Nail Clippers
__ Special Needs Products

__ Personal medications

__ Shower Shoes/Flip-Flops

__ Feminine Products       

Camp Tools and Accessories
General Campsite
__ Tarp for Eating/Gathering Area

__ Rope for tarp and guy-lines
__ Tarp poles
__ Stakes for tarp
__ Camp shovel
__ Camp rake
__ Camp axe and/or hatchet
__ Camp Saw
__ Camp Pliers – med. Size pair
__ Camp gloves – 1 pr. leather gloves
__ Clothesline rope/clothes pins
__ Extra rope/cord/baling twine
__ Camp water bucket (5-gal. Pail)
__ Camp Potable water containers

__ Camp wash basin
__ Caution tape/White cloth strips

__ S-hooks, approx. 6 ea. 2″ s-hooks

__ Assorted bungee cords

__ Campsite First Aid kit

__ Camp Chairs
__ Boy Scout Handbook

* it will provide answers/how-to’s

to almost any camping question

you have.

__ Lanterns

__ Extra lantern mantles
__ Extra lantern fuel
__ Strike-Anywhere Kitchen matches
__ Lantern – battery powered
__ Camp Flashlight – large
__ Extra batteries 

__ Table-top Citronella

__ Trashbags
__ Paper towels
__ Toilet paper

__ Camp Chairs
__ Portable camp toilet
__ Camp shower unit 

Campfire Cooking

__ Fire-starter/Firewood
__ Charcoal/Charcoal Lighter Fluid

__ Fire Grate
__ Campfire Tripod
__ Gloves – Heavy-duty

__ Camping Cookware
__ Skillet(s)         __ Skillet Lid        

__ Griddle   __ Dutch Oven
__ Pot, large     __ Pot, Small
__ Pot Lids        __ Coffee Pot   

  __ Pie Iron(s)
__ Dutch Oven lid Lifter

__ Camp Stove(s)
__ Camp Stove

__ Folding table(s)

Cooking Gear/Utensils
__ Spatula(s)       __ Serving Spoon(s)

__ Tongs
__ Knife, large      __ Knife, Sm.
__ Cutting Board  

__ Can/Bottle Opener
__ Measuring Cup(s)/Spoons
__ Basting Brush
__ Cups  __ Bowls  __ Plates 

__ Forks/Knives/Spoons
__ Personal Mess Kit

__ Campfire Roasting Forks

Camp Kitchen/Chuck Box

__ Cooking oil

__ Salt & Pepper

__ Spices – personal choices

__ Pot holders/Hot pads

__ Corkscrew

__ Heavy-duty Tin Foil
__ Paper Towels
__ Trash Bags
__ ZipLoc Bags

__ Dish Soap
__ Scouring Pad


__ Water filters

__ Lantern Poles

__ Charcoal chimney

__ Camp heaters

__ Camp flag

__ Fishing/Sports/Activity gear

___ Pet water and food dishes

___ pet bedding/leashes/tie outs

The use of clear plastic bins for each color category makes it easier to find/check off individual items.

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  1. Do what Larry says and you will sleep well tonite! Optionally, you can take a free class on the internet about understanding WordPress. Grayson Bell is giving free classes at iMark Interactive if you’re interested-I’m taking it, that’s for sure!!

  2. Drag your cursor over your list, it should all highlight in blue. Then hit “control” + “C” simultaneously. Go to the page you are posting on your blog, place your cursor where you want the list to appear and then hit “control” + “V”. list should appear on your blog page.
    Does George know about your color coded list?

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