arsenic isn’t so bad, is it?

My garden is doing exactly what I expected it to do. Yep, it is killing off certain plants while encouraging other things to grow.

My poor tomatoes have heart disease..well, they actually have some sort of weird fungus that “attacks their venous system”…yea, heart disease.


My heart disease is seemingly under control so my tomatoes get it? So not fair!

The Brussel Sprouts are doing wonderfully so far..and the peppers have tiny baby peppers all over them.  The cucumbers have all gone to cuke heaven with some sort of white wispy stuff choking them out..I have onions galore, no carrots to speak of and my herbs are all trying to flower before their time.

When I started this garden venture I was dreaming of rows of veg standing tall..acres of corn waving in the breeze, miles of tomatoes all glowing with ruby globes of goodness….

I thought I would get a wonderful harvest of veg that would stock my pantry for the coming hardships of winter….

Instead, I get fungus, caterpillars, assorted bugs and wispy white stuff.  I am, along with my poor dying garden, adrift in a sea of creepy crawlies!

This organic farming stuff is…HARD!

I am seriously thinking a little poison for the bugs, some sort of chemicals for the fungus and possibly a shotgun for all the birds and critters eating away my garden.

Seriously how bad could a little bit of poison be? It isn’t like I am going to be throwing arsenic into any gentleman caller’s cuppa tea…or glass of elderberry wine.

source: IMBD

I just want to kill these danged bugs! Now, I know I can not use a shotgun here in town.  It isn’t like 1920 when I could have got away with behavior like that…so I am thinking there must be something I can do.

George told me I should just ignore all the garden drama and find something fun to occupy my time…so, instead of dealing with bugs..instead of messing with fungus…I have decided to bring some fun back……….

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  1. I envy those brussel sprout plants. I gave up gardening years ago. I think I wripote a blog about the tomato plant fiasco. But there are lots of organic simple home ingredient sprays you can make, avail easily recipes on the net. Let your fingers do the walking…..

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