Op A Cue????

opaque Has anyone else wondered why the word “opaque” rhymes with “cake”?  Or is it just me?  Why doesn’t it sound like Op A Cue instead?

Yes, I know it is originally a latin word; opacus meaning shaded or darkened….I did take Latin for six years. But why does it rhyme with CAKE?  Since when is “que” the same as “AKE”????? It is annoying.

I can already hear my beloved followers/readers/admirers/snarks saying “But Suze, what IS your problem today?”……….it is day four of no smoking that’s my problem.  AND I have to go weed my veggie garden.  Yes, that is ALL that is bugging me today so of course, I MUST snark on the daily prompt.

I KNOW how long I smoked to all those relatives who are now smarmily telling me I should have quit years ago…..I KNOW I should have quit before now (when it “really doesn’t matter” since I am OLD now).  If I hear one more snarky, smarmy, know-it-all, better-than-thou word about my quitting I am going to snap!

You would THINK that relatives would be enthusiastic about it.  You would think they would be encouraging and supportive.  You would also be totally wrong!

I am fed up[ with the lot of them.  It doesn’t help that today is the day I have set to weed the dad-blasted garden either.  Lordie, I hate to weed.

But my baby brussel sprouts really do not like being crowded so I haven’t a choice.

8 thoughts on “Op A Cue????

  1. Yes, and your carrots and lettuce will appreciate your efforts even when friends and family don’t. Quitting smoking is a BIG DEAL and it’s not easy. That addiction was much more powerful than the booze. Just remember that you are doing this for yourself, everyone else can kiss your ass…..even when your ass falls off.

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