despite opinion to the contrary

Despite opinion to the contrary, there are times when I hesitate before speaking my mind.  I really do take into consideration other people’s feelings and thoughts prior to speaking. But there are times when hesitation does nothing to stop my speaking out against actions or statements that truly annoy or disturb me.

I ALWAYS speak out against things that I consider to be morally repugnant. Things like racism, whether overt or covert. Things like bigotry towards religion; sexism; ageism.

I am a reluctant participant in politics, regardless of what others may think. I dislike INTENSELY arguments without any desire to hear another person’s opinion.

I believe in acting, not just speaking when there is an instance of bigotry in any of its forms. People that do nothing but rant about a problem are, to me, part of the problem.

I dislike the tone that Americans have taken on during the past election. So many are still in “complaint mode” and unwilling to anything to change the status quo. Then there are others, like me I suppose, who have finally shut our mouths and stopped bitching and have taken action.

I joined Indivisible. I have called my senators and congressmen. I have written letters to them all. I have visited their local offices and asked for town hall meetings. I have asked them to vote in specific ways. I have made my requests politely and firmly and have refused to engage in argumentative behaviors and attitudes.  I have been a part of organizing events designed to educate not only the public but our rather tarnished politicos.

I am not paid for anything. I wish I were paid actually, as I have extremely limited financial resources. It annoys me to hear that by being part of this group I am immediately designated as “fake” and “paid to protest”.

I WANT our president to succeed.  I can not stand him as a human being. He is disgusting and I will never hold him in respect, but he does hold the office. I respect the office. To have him completely fail means extremely hard times for the country I adore.  BUT.

I will continue to work towards answers. Answers to questions like “what are you hiding by not releasing your tax returns?” “Why are you bypassing the Congress with all those executive orders when you spoke so firmly against Mr Obama for using executive orders?”

“Why are you filling all those executive offices with Billionaires instead of qualified candidates? Whatever happened to draining that swamp?” “Why do you blame the news agencies for telling the truth?”

And finally, I want an answer to “Why are you constantly lying to your people?”


4 thoughts on “despite opinion to the contrary

  1. Thank you for this post. I needed to read it, especially this part:

    I believe in acting, not just speaking when there is an instance of bigotry in any of its forms. People that do nothing but rant about a problem are, to me, part of the problem.

    Not only is this important to remember when dealing with our elected officials, but it’s a lesson I need to implement in my own life.

    Also: It’s a great think that you speak your mind. This is your platform and you should feel free to use it as you see fit.

    There may be times when it’s difficult to do that. Like you, I worry that some of my followers will not like what I have to say. But the best we can do is to present our thoughts in the most respectful way possible.

    And at the heart, I agree with what you said about the office of the presidency. The problem is I don’t feel like our president has much interest in the public’s best interest. I wish he did because our national and personal well-being are more important than politics.

  2. Great post. Our scheduled 2 hour “meet and greet” with Representative Webster turned out to be a 45 minute “look at me” self promotion speech with absolutely no interaction with the overflow crowd of constituents who showed up. His camp later said protesters from outside had been brought in. Our Senator Rubio refused to schedule any form of forum with his constituents saying they were too rowdy. Gee, Senator, maybe they are pissed. Letters which I send are answered with a form letter totally unrelated to any issues I addressed. My Democrat Senator, Nelson, returned a detailed letter specific to my questions. I am deleting the tRump from my vocabulary and focusing on 2018 and 2020. Did you hear Bernie’s rebuttal to the speech last night? Did you read fact check on the details of the speech? It appears they were the same old lies with a facelift.

    • I adore Bernie and listen to almost everything he has to say..then I go fact checking. I figure if I fact check everyone that ever says anything I will eventually find a truly honest person. bernie is correct 97% of the time, so far he’s my favorite …….poor Mr POTUS 45 gets about 13% correct on the different fact checking sites. I think, because he really doesn’t seem smart enough to know about everything he speaks of, that his “aides” are just making up stuff for him to say. Two congressmen have sent me back form letters which I then corrected for grammatical and punctuation errors and mail back.One senator actually ANSWERED 80% of my questions. I may not like like the answers but I was impressed that he actually READ my letter!

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