Hit the road, Jack and don’t ya come back………..

Morning. After a long and restless night under the frying pan, Jack was more than ready to begin his new adventure. I noticed he had managed to remove the duct tape and was braying “let’s hit the road” as I wandered in for my morning coffee. 

After a short breakfast I warned Jack that he would be leaving Enid today for Kentucky.  He was excited to go somewhere that is known for horse racing and decided he would be the very first donkey to win the triple crown.

As I addressed the envelope to A Sunken Thought, Jack was busily telling the cats all about his dreams of glory at the racetrack. The cats were unimpressed.

I told Jack that he would be missed, but that if he ever visited us again I expected him to behave just a bit better. He assured me that donkey’s learn quickly and duct tape tastes nasty so he would indeed control the braying. We shook hands…um, hooves? and he dove for the envelope.

 After I retrieved Jack from the electric bill, I placed him gently into the correct envelope and sealed it before he could change his mind about behaving.

Jack is now in the hands of the United States Postal Service and we here in Enid wish him Godspeed! (and we hope he doesn’t work his way out of the envelope). We also hope for forgiveness for sending him to Shay at Sunken thought!

5 thoughts on “Hit the road, Jack and don’t ya come back………..

  1. I am such a kid…. I should set my cell phone and film myself when I read these posts!! This Race is sooooo exciting!! Thank you for participating Suze 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I just can’t wait to see the update from Kentucky!! 🙂

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