Fractured history lessons


I keep thinking about things that have gone on in the past…things that (I assume) people spent a lot of time and thought on but have since faded into a sort of odd collective memory.

Today in 1521 Pope Leo excommunicated Martin Luther…it was probably seen as a horrid thing happening at the time but it started the Lutheran church so how bad was it really? Well, pretty bad for Fr Martin I suppose who had to deal with the repercussions of it all..not too shabby for Poor George who IS Lutheran.  We were married in the Lutheran Church…….it was just one more protestant church to me.

Today in 1777 General George Washington defeated Lord Cornwallis at the battle of Princeton. Now, that surprised me.  I wasn’t aware that Princeton was even in existence at the time, so a battle there seemed a bit off to me…I wonder what all the students were doing? Cramming ammo into the guns? Cheering on their “teams?”   Who knows? I remember my own rowdy college days and figure those kids were probably up to no good.

Today in 1823 Stephen F Austin received a land grant in Tejas from the government in Mexico….and that started all that nonsense down in Texas. First it was just a couple of people moving in, then pretty soon they had high school football games and back-seat barbeques. No wonder Santa Ana had such a hissy fit. Heck they probably swiped one of his cows for the first party.

Today in 1925 Benito Mussolini declared himself the Dictator of Italy…and proceeded to act like one. Now when I take over Denmark, I shall be a benign dictator…I am after all allowing the danes to have Tuesdays off and marmite hasn’t been totally banned. Benni should of thought of the marmite aficionados before becoming dictator.

Today in 1932 marshall law was declared in the Honduras in order to quell the “great fruit uprising”…Now, I am still not clear why the bananas all rose up in revolt but there ya have it.  A country had to send soldiers out to patrol the fruit. Amazing but true. probably

And finally in my little historical list of things that are gone…in 1977 on January 3rd, Apple Computer was incorporated.  And blogs were born…….well not on the same day but if we didn’t have pc’s no one would blog.

I know I wouldn’t. I’d probably be the crazy old lady that scribbles in notebooks instead of the nutty old lady who blogs.

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  1. I’m a crazy old lady who scribbles in notebooks AND blogs. And for years all my friends called me BDU, which stood for my title: Benevolent Dictatress of the Universe. All hell has broken loose since I stepped down, wouldn’t you agree??

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