Around the WORLDPress amazing race: team donkey

Day one…a letter from Frozenland has appeared in my mailbox.

The donkey has arrived.  This little house in Enid, Oklahoma is his first stop on a trip to who in heck knows where? I eagerly grabbed the envelope and brought it into the house to open..and read the following: Great.  It looks like a kidnapping note! Okay, so after I stopped giggling I finally released the donkey. That was a mistake. I should have realized the lil bugger would be overly excited and taken precautions. Hindsight is 20/20 ya know.

First thing, the donkey leaped out of the envelope and perched on top on my computer monitor and said “Suze! I’m gonna say “Cyranny and smile and you’re gonna take my picture! Is my mane straight?”.  So, of course, I grabbed the camera and the donkey struck a pose.

 Yes, he is absolutely adorable! But this kid (oh wait, a kid is a goat…what’s a little donkey?) has energy to spare and a curious nature. He bounced down onto the keyboard and quickly opened WP……  Then he demanded my password! I had to grab the lil dude and stuff him back into the envelope before he discovered my password and posted without me! He is now mumbling and the envelope is bouncing towards the end of the desktop…

I managed to calm him somewhat and put him to sleep (it’s amazing what a dictionary can do) by telling him that tomorrow is our day in the sun for Enid-style adventuring and photo-ops.

Since he is such an active little guy, and since my dogs both wish to eat him, he shall be leaving the following day on his trip across country. I can  hardly wait   will miss him dreadfully!

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