Autumn equals apples

mcintoshapples2-600x450Oh my goodness! I was wandering through my WP reader this morning and came across a blog post by one of my favorite bloggers……Mojitos and Munchkins (go check it out..the blog rocks!) and dunno if it was the munchkin or the lovely mojito but whomever it was posted a link to an apple crisp recipe. (It’s at “tastes better from scratch” if that wonky link doesn’t want to work)

Now I adore apple crisp..and peach crisp and blackberry crisp…well you get the idea. so I popped in to check it out.


see? here it is before I stuck my spoon into it and suddenly 2/3 of it disappeared!

And I made it.  And it is, indubitably, the best..the most flavorful..the sweetest, the most wondrous apple crisp I have ever eaten! It has a lovely caramel sauce for pouring over it. It is fantasticcaramel-sauce

The recipe makes a supposed 6 servings, but I have to admit my servings must be way bigger than theirs, cause I swear there are only two servings here.

In any event this recipe is so blasted good that even though a munchkin already blogged about it, it needs several more blogs about it to make the point.

Enough blathering. go print the recipe for yourself and while you are over their, follow that blog!


It tastes better from scratch

Mojitos and Munchkins


One thought on “Autumn equals apples

  1. Thanks for this stroll down memory lane, Suze! My childhood memories of “baked apples” (as Mom called them) conjure this same Baked Apple recipe (though we did have a wider berth on which apples were ok to use). Just makes me want to wrap up in a warm sweater by the fire (except that it got up to 80(F) yesterday…) this is quintessentially fall 😀

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