ticking of a clock

I hear the clock ticking as time meanders  slowly towards my arbitrary and quite unnecessary punishment for ignoring the blog…I seek a safe place to hide..a sanctuary where I may wait out the ticking time bomb of discovery…

Actually I have been hanging out on my front porch ignoring the blog. It just sounded so much more..well, dramatic actually, writing about my procrastination that way.

ANDDDD, I got rid of four ignored daily prompts all at once! Yea, me!

I’ve been wondering lately why I bother blogging…what is my motivation?  Who is my “audience”?  Why would they read the blather?  (Yes, I was looking over some of the WP classes)  and I came to a huge conclusion.   I DON’T CARE.  Yep, totally can’t shed a thought over any of that stuff. I blog because I blog. The kids think my crap is amusing and I have nothing better to do. I will never write a novel..nor will I write a dissertation that changes the world..no exposes…no poetry..no life altering prose.

And I am okay with that. I am actually quite happy with that. I am of an age where if what I write bugs someone (more than likely it would be HOW I write0 I don’t care. That’s the reader’s problem.

I write the way my mind travels..all around a subject, through it, under it..never quite meeting it head on. Lord knows it is more fun this way and I don’t have to get serious. It is when I get serious that suddenly my numbers go up, but since I don’t really care about them I can be as stupid as I want and it is good.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, those numbers can be kind of cool…and it amazes me that a person in Sri Lanka is reading this nonsense………I mean, as well as I did in Geography I don’t really know where Sri Lanka IS……….but it sounds like an amazing place and there is one person there who is either laughing at what I write or using me for a mental health study. Either way, it is cool. And I am not quite sure where the Maldives are (or what they are) but there are two people there who read my crap. I think my sons will get a kick out of that.

It has been hotter than a firecracker here the past month so not only has my brain been frying, I have no energy to do anything. Today the heat wave broke…and I am taking the babies up to the park to run around like maroons…they love it, and I am thinking it could be a great photo op.  And maybe, just maybe, I will consider a better way for the SEO thingy to work for me instead of against me.  but probably not.






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