what would you write

empty book


What would you write in an empty book?  A memoir? A novel? Gawd-awful poetry? (I know, a LOT of people LIKE poetry, Suze)

I have an empty book, just like this one. I have had it now for at least 40 years…and I have never had any desire to mess it up with any words.


3 thoughts on “what would you write

  1. I have dozens of these books lying around the house. Usually the first few pages are filled with excited writing – hopes about a new exercise regime, diet plans. It’s interesting to look back at, but years later the empty pages scream at me for my lack of motivation to continue! Nice post Suze!

  2. I bought a speckled notebook/composition book–and it had no lines. I had it for four or five years. I finally added it to my collection of journals, now volume #102. It was all blank. I began with an entry about blankness, then have filled it with bits and pieces, cut-n-paste stuff–and a few daily entries, historical notes (like my doctor visit, my weight, a receipt from a nice meal out last night), and even some old notes I have found in old forgotten places. Even some old greeting cards. Volume #102 is unique. It is no longer blank. In fact, it is nearly filled. Good luck. Nature abhors a vacuum…

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