sky lights

The best way I know to describe the word sky is through a series of pictures.  I love the ever changing look of it..from the clouds floating across a pale blue sky to thunderheads to the stars……… fascinates me. I only wish my photography was worthy of the subject matter.


The sky over the Sinai desert…..the milky way was so huge! I’ve seen nothing so beautiful before or since.

enid night

The evening sky over Enid, Oklahoma where I live.  The clouds turning shades of orange and purple….it’s glorious!

ok windmill

Oklahoma cloudy day.  Clouds had just started to float on into the picture frame when I shot this. They were moving so quickly I wasn’t sure if I even took a photo of them.

Superstitions, Arizona

The deep blue of the midday sky over the Gloss Mountains in Oklahoma.  I love the deep blue looks like the mediterranean sea in April.


The deep gray of a thunderstorm just about to explode overhead. We get some crazy storms here in Oklahoma. This one, while looking angry and threatening did little more than dribble a few raindrops on us.


early morning cloudy sky.


Thunderheads building up on a summer day……………these ended up being gorgeous and totally without the rain we needed.


Poor George just told me “that’s what happens when you make the sky angry hun”………….well yea. I can see that. Ya just never know what is going to fall down from up there.


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