GCD 13

Only two more days of Shay’s grateful challenge….at least I think it is two days. It could actually be three which would be fine with me. I am liking this being grateful stuff.  It makes a person focus on what is RIGHT with their world instead of all of the crap going on…and good stuff is so much nicer to think about than crap. So the tree things I am grateful for on this day?  well, they are………..

  1. My SECOND porch swing!  Yep! whahooooooooo, I have a second functioning porch swing! I just finished hanging it this morning, and it looks damned good if ya ask me. I had  to jerry-rig a support for it as the idiots that used to live here for some unknown reason decided to cut all the ceiling support beams in half when they replaced the front porch ceiling. So I took a four by four and cut it to fit, used ceiling joist hangers to hold it up, screwed that sucker midway to Sunday and  hung the new swing.  new swing ceiling joist for swing





2.Sweat:  hang on a second while I stop laughing at your facial expressions! …..okay. let me explain.  When a person sweats it means their interior is working properly and attempting to cool off their exterior. With a cardiac patient, this temperature guage is thrown out of whack and sometimes never works properly again. For the entire first two years after my first heart attack I did not sweat…and was at extremely high risk for another HA or heat stroke.  Sweating became a symptom of a heart attack and not a cooling mechanism…so the very fact that NOW, five years afterward it is just plain old stinky sweat?  It is a miracle to me. It is something to celebrate…it means that basically my meds, weight loss and exercise are all working together to PREVENT another heart attack. I am so happy to have sweat again!

3. indoor plumbing.  If you have EVER been without it you will agree with me, indoor plumbing just plain rocks! There is nothing better than standing in a shower that works..or being able to shave your legs in a working bath tub…we won’t mention the other necessaries involved as we do have SOME couth (okay, not much but I do have some). And if you’ve ever sweated as much as I did today working on a porch swing in 100 degree temps with 70% humidity you too would be thrilled to have a shower!

5 thoughts on “GCD 13

  1. It seems to me that you have quite enjoyed this monthly challenge! I hope you have got something equally as interesting lined up for your readers in July!
    I have porch swing envy. I just love it. And did you really put in a new beam? Most impressive!

    • I sure did put in a beam. it’s in that fuzzy second picture. I cut a four by four with my Christmas present from my son..he bought me a reciprocating saw! woot! Then attached a couple of ceiling joists hangers to the ends, screwed that sucker into the wall of the house and the soffit of the porch……yea me!

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