When poor George and I moved into the house, there was a small fence going right across the front porch. I thought that was a it odd. I LOVE being outside on the porch and it was such a hassle to open and close that stupid fence in front. I eventually took it down and used the bits of it to make a trashcan hideaway. I think it is a much better use of that fence than blocking my front porch.

the house

the house


It occurred to me when I saw it that it might be nice for keeping Dasher in the porch area……but after living with it for a week I tore it all down. I’d rather chase the dog down the street than feel locked into my home.

We also had a bunch of fencing in the back yard. we had to go through a gate, then another gate, then another gate to finally reach the backyard..then halfway through the backyard was a half fence with yet another gate……All of them came tumbling down as soon as I found a good sized sledge hammer.  I understand the need to fence off their property from a neighbor, but all these fences were stupid!  Why would anyone need three gates in a row of six foot fence to get into the yard? what were they expecting? an invasion?

We are down to one fence now and the yard is much nicer. Now all I need to do is find a day when poor George can help me haul all this broken fence off to the dump.


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