WHY do I do that?

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Everyone that has read this nonsense in my blog already knows what a total dweeb I am when it comes to computers. I have been asked more times than I can count “WHY do you do that?”.  I don’t KNOW!  BUT, it is almost a ritual now, one that I am terribly afraid may turn into a daily ritual if I am not extremely careful.

I have done some of the dumbest things imaginable when trying to clean, maintain, connect, or otherwise use computers…..so it shouldn’t be any surprise that once again I had mucked about with things on here best left alone and I honestly thought I had deleted my blog………..well, not actually deleted deleted it but deleted it from a website where it’s supposed to go sort of deleting……sighdlet

Yes, I have been told “don’t touch this” or “stay away from that” by my very own computer geekette that maintains my puter stuff (not to mention my sanity) yet I for some unknown reason thought “I can do this by myself”.

This from the person who washed a keyboard in a bucket of warm soapy water after throwing an entire box of qtips into the bucket……..the instructions somehow got muddled in my mind while I was heavily medicated post-surgery but that isn’t really an excuse………wash_1

This from the person who took off the CPU case and dusted the inside of a computer (while plugged in and TURNED ON) with endust and a feather duster………………….

Miniature technicians working on a computer circuit board or motherboard. Tech support concept.

The person who (still medicated!) ate chicken fried rice with chopsticks and spilled a bunch in between keys, then tried to clean it with a vacuum, not a teensey tiny vacuum but a full sized shop vac (while the puter is turned on) and lost three keys…..then could only type w rds wi h u  meaning due  o  he (T and O) key being permanently gone….This from a person whose friend mailed her a child’s keyboard (see keyboard incident above for reasoning) since she wasn’t “responsible enough” to use an adult keyboard……..DSCN3214

Yes, I admit is wasn’t looking very good for the home team when Suze decided to go forth into the editor of the ACCOUNT and changed things around……in my defense. (EVERYONE sniggering) Another blogger had made a comment and wanted to see my website.  She clicked on my name (which is how people seemingly go to the sites of others) and mine came up with a grey board that said “the owner has deleted this website”…………


So of COURSE I freaked……..and went into my website and checked the account settings and CHANGED ONE TINY THING ONLY to reflect the address of the blog.  When I did that, everything seemed to be working from my end so I relaxed…….until today when someone said “your picture is gone, your website is deleted. where’d ya go?”……so it was off to message my puter genius Kali (who for some reason still works with me) and message a convoluted, confused and grammatically incorrect message about freaking out.

The end result of all this nonsense is that I need to instruct everyone not to “click on my name when I comment on your blogs as it will go nowhere.” and write out the web address of my blog…………..with every single comment I write. It’s either that or completely lose the blog that I thought I lost already but had simply lost my mind instead.

2 thoughts on “WHY do I do that?

  1. So weird! I did have an issue with your name and clicking. I was trying to follow your blog and when you made a comment, I think I clicked your name and it said it didn’t exist any more.

    You don’t exist?

    Then who’s the author of your posts? I’m a little concerned now. 🙂

    • yea…i don’t seem to have a wp blog even though everything i do is on wp cause i have my very own odd domain…..sigh so to actually follow me? unsure how to go about it actually. lol

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