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Daily post asked about daily rituals……….I don’t have any.  Well unless you count getting out of bed, I do that every day.  Or eating…eventually I do eat and it is daily, just never at the same time of day.  I clean, but for sure it isn’t daily, it’s whenever the house, clothes, dogs, etc get so nasty I can’t stand them…and forget doing stuff like grocery shopping. That’s done only under duress and with lots and lots of whinging on my part.

So I started thinking what can I possibly write about when I make it a priority to never do anything the same way twice?

And the answer?  Beatles songs!  Yea, that works.

Here’s hoping that video actually works as I have no clue what I am doing here!


WithTheBeatles_1I am a child of the 60’s and the Beatles were the very first band I absolutely drooled over….everyone was ooohing and awwwing over Paul and John….heck I thought George was adorable. I LOVED the songs they wrote……especially the ones that drove my parents MAD! If I got a parent upset with the “noise” then my day was complete somehow.  I’d dance and sing along with them, sometimes playing the songs a thousand times in a row to get the nuances of it just right……..I am quite sure that if one of my own children ever did it I would have slapped them silly, but somehow my parents managed to allow me to live through it.

My fav of all time Beatles song is Fool on the Hill…………..which has nothing to do with another day……..that of course is another song!

Ok, time to actually go back and answer the question for the day.  My “ritual” is having a cuppa tea before going off to sleep.  It is quite literally the only thing I do everyday no matter what.  I have a friend that sells teas..she actually mixes up the blends too, so you can’t buy what she sells anywhere else.  I adore her apple pie tea, her pirate chai, even her Kiss Me tea…..that one has chocolate in it………sigh

There is just something so relaxing about tea…maybe it is the ritual of making the stuff.  I either make one cup with a tea strainer….or a whole pot with loose tea……then there is the adding of honey (and which flavor of honey to enhance the tea)…..then there is the actually tasting of it.  That first lifting of the teacup to slowly smell the fragrance, then sipping…………….okay, done writing. I am off to get some tea. It is nowhere near bedtime but I have made myself crave it just by writing about it.

OH,lils teas If anyone out there is a tea lover too, check out www.spicetradersteas.com for a whole bunch of flavors. Tell Diana that Suze sent you!


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  1. If my pantry weren’t already overflowing with various teas I have purchased or been gifted with, I’d be all over that website. I promised hubs I’d use up at least three packages before getting any more, although i can’t help it if people give me tea gifts. . . .

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