Who is Suze anyway?


DISCLAIMER: I just want it to go on the record that I will take the devil’s advocate position on EVERYTHING just to annoy and or educate people. NO ONE has a clue whether I am democrat, republican, independent or nothing at all; nor will they be able to tell with any confidence that I am Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindi or a worshipper of Ba’al! I like intelligent, non-confrontational (occasional confrontation is actually good for the heart ya know) discussions on politics, religion, sexual orientation, education, but never sports (sorry I just can’t go somewhere where I am clueless!) I am an equal opportunity basher of anything that is socially unacceptable to talk about. put that in your pipes and smoke it! And if you are somehow offended? good, maybe it will make you think.

Now, all about ME as that is the really important stuff.  This is me!

I was born and raised in Virginia, have visited almost every state in the Union, and have lived in about fifteen of those states at various times in my life. I was “stuck” in Texas for almost twenty years and remember fondly one year of those twenty.  

I also claim no political party, but I might be (in another blogger’s words) a “flaming liberal and damned proud of it!

I have been married forever to Poor George. He is only called “poor” because the Poor man has been married to me for donkey’s years.  We live in Enid, Oklahoma and I have to quietly admit it is the very best place on the entire planet to live!

I have an incredibly warped sense of humor, get irritated by maroons (we shall be polite and not call them morons), love to travel to foreign countries and wander around my new home state of Oklahoma.  I especially like going to out of the way or odd places so I can whing on about them in the blog.

I tend to babble in here, hate to write in “proper English” even though I am quite good at it, love to annoy people, or create stupid Limericks.

goodgriefEvery now and then I will actually write something erudite and valuable but don’t hold your breath waiting for those. They are few and far between.

 I am NOT computer literate so I tend to blog about the idiot things I do to my ‘puter………..and I guess my ultimate goal with this ridiculous writing is to make people (most especially my two sons) smile..or even laugh out loud.  So welcome to Suziland,, the place where my mind wanders with words.


my poor George and Dasher

Suze DSCN24212

Yes, I used to be model thin and gorgeous, but I woke up……….sigh


For those with a serious bent here are my life accomplishments (so far at any rate):

  • Recipient of the “Proud of Myself Badge” created by fellow blogger Cheryl at The Bag Lady. 
  • Recipient of the Athena Award. Given by the Marble Falls, Lake LBJ Chamber of Commerce for professionalism, ethics and the mentoring of women.athena
  • Counselor of the year, Burnet County Chamber of Commerce
  • Phi Beta Kappa, International Bible College and Seminary
  • Phi Theta Kappa, Germanna Community College
  • Mensa
  • Gave testimony to the Texas State Senate hearings on licensure requirements for Addictions Counselors and women re-entering the workforce
  • Founder of a half-way house for women in recovery, Burnet, Texas
  • Founder of the Cottonwood Shores public Library
  • Councilmember: Cottonwood Shores City Council, 2 terms



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96 thoughts on “Who is Suze anyway?

    • okay…now I am worried. what suggestion? You do know that anything that comes out of my brain is questionable at best and downright dangerous at worst, right? glad you found me, and really glad now I have read your work. My goodness, you can WRITE!!!

  1. Danny said Hi and I am sure he was waving. I can’t wait to read your stuff, I have to say you sound as daft as bricks in a glass house. Myself I am a bit of a loon so am drawn to the quirky the different those that are just true. So Hello from me in the UK to you in Enid Virginia.

    • Hey, it is the late comers that are usually the very best guests! Have fun, and thanks for stopping by. Next time, weed the garden before you leave? thanks!

    • Actually, he does. We have had some intelligent disagreements and have come to the mutual decision that while we adore the other we can disagree on everything.

  2. Hi,Suze! Just wanted to say thanks for the follow over at my place. Hope you find some interesting things to read, just as I enjoy reading your posts! Feel free to visit any time! 🙂

  3. I have 2 problems. One – there is no “About” link, and Two – In order to leave a comment -here- I had to use my mouse to go to the bottom of this page. Most people wouldn’t be bothered by such trivialities, but there needs to be a least one voice crying in the blogging wilderness!

    I look forward to change.

    • i have loaned my “like” button to Cyranny of the cove up in frozenland (aka Canada). She was supposed to return it after a week but it is going on a month now and I am waiting for one of two things to occur..1. the snow melts and postal employees are once again walking their beats or 2. for hell to freeze over.
      In the meantime, I have contacted the geekette that is in charge of such blithering idiocies within this enormous undertaking called suziland, and she and the minions shall deign to think about adding a new “like’ button. Just remember,, in ALL things, do Ias I say and never what I do. it saves multiple bannings from retail establishments.

    • I really really hate to point out the obvious…..BUT (lol) “about” is sorta the same as “who is Suze anyway” cause I am suze and suze owns the blog and it is about suze so therefor the about is who is Suze, see? ANDDDDDDDDDD, on your puter keyboard, that’s the thingy you type upon, or onto, or even smack around…there is a “page up” and a “page down”, so if one wishes to arrive quickly at the base of a page (or sink to my level of commentary so to speak) they can simply smack, hit, slap or punch that page down thingy up there….see?

  4. I love love love your blog. And we don’t live to far apart. We are in Holly, CO. Way back when I was a teenager, My mom and dad had a custom harvesting crew (we were the crew, but more like workhorses) anyway we would leave NE SD and travel to Texas, and OK, KS, NE, CO and back home to SD – – in OK we would combine around Alva. Now my husband custom hauls for Silage crews in OK, TX, KS, and CO. So I will definitely try to follow your blog. Just Love it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    • Wow! A Neighbor! howdy! Glad you are following along….should I leave a trail of bread crumbs just in case you get lost? I tend to travel in oddball directions and following could prove to be difficult. I LOVE watching the harvesters! Can I come play with one? I promise not to break it…well, I promise to TRY not to break it……forget it, I can’t be trusted with heavy equipment. I used to drive a vivratory roller on a road crew and nearly ran over my boss….okay so it was an on purpose and not an accident but still.

  5. HI! I am nominating you for a sisterhood of the world blog award! Yes I am! You have done some incredible trips and you wrote so well about them. I am about to go to Guatemala because of you, yes I am! I got this award but I don’t do the award stuff so I am passing mine on to YOU! Here are the questions..and nominate a lady, girl, chick or whatever that travels and writes about going places! kay? kay! grats and have fun. Where is your all-time favourite destination?

    Which post are you most proud of?
    Who would you invite to your dream dinner party, alive or dead?
    Do you have a favourite vacation country or city?
    What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about blogging?
    Is there anything you like to do any time you visit somewhere new?
    Where is somewhere you’ve been or something you did that you didn’t expect much of, but ended up loving?
    What’s your pet peeve?
    What’s your most treasured possession?
    Have fun with this one, and I look forward to reading your answers when I get back home again!

  6. My grandpa was born in Enid Oklahoma in 1910 🙂 I’ve been to Ok but did not make it up there. My mother was born in Ponca City which is close I think.

    Just saying hello, I see you on Jay’s site

  7. Once I wipe the tears away from laughing at you and Cyranny’s pic that sent me to find you, I can tell you how glad I am that I did! All I’ve read is the intro and I can’t wait to discover how crazy you really are. You are so accomplished and must be so proud, and I see they were all obtained while being STUCK in Texas. Well, I would love to hear more about that because I’m still stuck in Texas and probably will be forever! When I finally retire to the beach, it will all be ok. Nice to meet you, I’m off to check out some of your other “ramblings”!

  8. Well, well, Cyranny very gently guided me over here to check you out and I’m glad I did. I had my couple of chuckles already and I did only read this intro post of yours… Looking forward to discover more 🙂

  9. suze. i find you to be funny I was over at the blogging meetup and thought i would come over and remembered you are humorous. 🙂 blessings donna marie

  10. Hey Suze, how much you paying these folks to say nice things about you? Ya know what? Missing your latest rant in the morning is like going to the bathroom and realizing, too late, there’s no toilet paper within reach. It’s like fussing at the man in traffic and flipping him the bird only to realize it’s your pastor in his new car. Missing your latest post is like showing off your brand new Easter outfit all morning at church only to have your husband ask when you get home why you tucked your skirt in your panties. It’s like ……oh I guess that’s enough snarky. Love you and your blog.

  11. MENSA? MENSA?? MENSA? WOW IM TRULY IMPRESSED! Now we can talk about nuclear physics and inter galactic particle combustion ratios and other cool stuff.

  12. Hello Suze, I wanted to stop by and give your blog a read. It was also fun getting to know a little bit about you. Your personality shows through and you are a type of person I could get along with.

    I’m a bit late, but I also wanted to thank you for the follow. I really appreciate it.

    By the way, I love the fall theme that you currently have for your blog.

  13. Hey there Suze!

    Still waiting for them firemen in the Patch, but I am guessing you got to that cole slaw making as soon as the tractor got you home… That’s ok, Champagne tends to make me forget about stuff too 😛 On the “serious” side, I am really happy I’ve found Suziland after your visit to the Cove and our little party at Linda’s… Who, btw, speaks highly of you and your great sense of humor 🙂

    I hope we bumb into each other again soon 🙂

  14. Just three little words, I adore you! Best. About. Page. EVER! I want to spend a weekend with you just shooting the breeze because I am certain I will not have laughed so much in a very long time before that!

  15. Blather on!
    Found you by your post on “passionate,” today’s daily post. Literacy is high on my list, too.
    Looking forward to reading your pages from time to time.
    From a fellow blatherer. “If it’s not fun, why do it?”

  16. Suze, dare I admit that I feel very comfortable with your assessment of life? Is it possible we are Peas from the same pod? There’s another P for your collection. Love your sense of humor, it cheers me during this humorless campaign we are having. Thanks for reading me.

  17. Wow what an adventurous life you lead! I love reading all of your stories, thoughts, and witty humor! Keep it coming, Suze 🙂

  18. I love that you’ve introduced yourself in such a humourous way!! Such an easy read – you have accomplished so much. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff 🙂

  19. Suze, thank you for your kind words and advice today. I am pleased to see that you are as goofy as I am. Don’t be offended, my wife and children are proud goofs as well. Your sense of humor was a welcomed surprise.

  20. Best About I’ve read today, and no I don’t write this in every blogs reply box. As a blog visitor, especially one that Really Does “blog hop” a lot, I love to visit a blog that is different to me, but very much like the blog owner. Personality is key!

    Yours falls into that category in the most wonderful way. I’m a “chuckeler,” but not just for the sake of chuckling. So if I chuckle sentence after sentence, I’m having a fabulous time.

    Point taken here!

  21. I found you. I am the college English prof you never had, but unfortunately missed out on. I will follow you and be gentle. You will follow me and laugh and reply when you can. I luckily found you on Nenes site. Looking forward to more zaniness.

  22. Hi Suzi, thanks fot visoting and givong feedback on my blog. I tried to respond directly but couldn’t post so came on over to thank you.

    Yay! Thank you for your note and feedback, I’m glad that everything came together for a good readership experience. 🙂

    Also, started reading your about page and about fell in love with your sensible humor, look forward to reading more as I’m just getting started. 😀

  23. Oh my goodness! We must be kindred spirits! Yes, I laughed and snorted while reading about you!

    *will explore more now, if you hear someone gasping for air, snorting and slapping knees, then its only me and I’ll be just fine*

  24. OH MY GOSH! Even though I have been following you for a few months and feel like we are like BFFs already, I have never read your about page! I pee’d my pants, snorted my water (I don’t drink coke), and fell out my chair. ALL like you warned! You MUST write a book!

  25. You have introduced yourself in quite interesting manner. You have a flair to be funny and entertaining. I was all smiling while reading your posts. Keep spreading happiness.

  26. Hi there! I’m a new follower, although I have seen you all over WP! I finally decided it was time to visit your place, and I’m glad I did. I enjoy laughing (because I do it so rarely) and folks who have the ability to make me laugh. You are gonna be one of them! That image of a sign you posted here about Speaking English…then they misspelled ‘exceptions’! Haha, I’m still laughing at that.

    Anyhow, nice to meet you, and have a good week! 🙂

  27. Hey, Suze.

    You sound like my kind of people. Visiting for the first time. I’m pretty much like you. I’m not the best with grammar, but certainly go on when others are idiots (wrote a post a few days ago on that) Also, can do some things on the computer but am limited on my knowledge of other social networks outside of Facebook. (that’s how I keep in touch with family/friends and play games) I don’t really care for twitter, linkedin, or any the others.

    At times, I like to think I’m mature…but blogging is for fun. It’s my artistic release.

    See you on the boards! Feel free to stop by my world.

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